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    I don't think Tioga, Sonora or Ebbetts Passes will be re-opening before the beginning of Winter. If there is no precipitation between now and then, which us drought-suffering Californians hope is not the case, a late Dec. or early Jan. re-opening is possible, but not very likely.

    I drove from South Lake Tahoe to Mammoth early on Wed. AM as 9-11" of snow fell at Mammoth on Mon. into Tues and I wanted to ski it. Monitor Pass, which is over 8300' and East of the Sierra Crest was closed on my way South, but had re-opened by my return on Thurs. PM. I did not take it, even though it saves a few miles getting to nearly 8600' Carson Pass that I used to return to the Bay Area as I wanted to take advantage of less expensive gas in Gardnerville, NV and last fast food until Jackson. Picture is sunrise over Gardnerville on Wed. AM.
    Due to record Northern CA rainfall Oct 24-25 when one location near Sacramento received over 80% of last rainfall year's rain in 24 hrs and a few received more than 50%, Firefall at Yosemite made a rare late Oct. appearance. See for details and some great photos. Following is from National Weather Service.

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    Default Not just snow and ice.

    I thought it possible that it would open a few days after they re-opened Glacier point road as the forecast was promising. However that hasn't happened so far and I have also learnt that it isn't just snow that's the problem, there are fallen trees blocking the road and I'm not sure that they will put crews to work to clear them this late in the season !


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    Surprisingly to me, 8734' and very narrow Ebbetts Pass and 9624' Sonora Pass both re-opened on Monday 11/15. Sonora Pass is very steep at the top on both sides so it has a lot less miles above 8K than Tioga. But snow level is current closer to or even above 9K so there is some hope for Tioga re-opening although I think Parks Service likes having less work with it closed.

    In related news "Tuolumne Meadows, Bridalveil Creek and Crane Flat will be closed as they undergo extensive renovations. Tuolumne Meadows will see the longest closure, as the National Park Service says that it will be shuttered until 2024, or even 2025, for rehabilitation."

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    Default It is surprising that they reopened it!

    Ebbetts Pass is probably my favorite Sierra crossing. It is surprising that they reopened it! Such a beautiful road.


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