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    FWIW, one of our auto mechanics suggested we sell a vehicle out of California. Said we'd probably get more for it and the buyer wouldn't have so much hassle outside of the state. I'm not sure you'd get much more in Florida for a 55 year old vehicle, and you'd need to figure out if the extra cost of driving it or shipping it would even make it worthwhile. For us, we are towing one of our vehicles (on a 4-up car trailer), but obviously, that's not really a solution for a motorhome.


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    Default No, No, No

    "I do think someone passing on the right at 80MPH is a nut job-- if they want to go 80 at least pass on the left."

    NO! First of all you have no idea how fast they are going. Even if you did, you do NOT get to take up two lanes and force everybody else into whatever lane is left. If you are not in the far right lane you are DEMANDING two lanes for your personal use. You are not passing anybody at 55 and you won't let anybody pass you on the right so you are effectively creating a rolling road block. That is not only unsafe it is illegal. 'Keep right except to pass' is not just a good idea, it's the law.

    "Also posted speed limits for vehicles with trailers is 55-- i can do 55."

    NO! You are NOT a 'vehicle with a trailer' so your speed limit is NOT 55 and every other motorist on the road does NOT have to adjust their driving to make up for your obstinacy. Besides you have also claimed here that your vehicle is capable of 70 mph, you simply refuse to do so because it is inconvenient for you - nobody else seems to matter to you.

    Look, you asked for serious advice and you got it. You clearly have no intention of following it. There is no point in carrying on this discussion any further.


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