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  1. Default Need help with car organizers.

    Hi, need help with backseat organizer to buy. The problem is - organizer I bought from amazon is poorly made and smells like I have a chemical lab in my car. If anyone experienced a qulaity product to hold children stuff please give me some advice.

    - Lisa

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    Hi, Lisa! I understand your quandary. I suffered from that years ago for my own kids, long before Amazon. It seemed like everything I tried ripped or broke too easily. Now, my daughters both bought some of those plastic drop-down trays for their own kids, the ones that resemble those in airplanes, but also find that they broke quickly.

    Good old tote bags worked for us. Each child had her own so there were no squabbles. It doesn't aid in the "tray table" problem, though.

    Another thought is to watch craft markets. Often times, crafters make quilted seat back organizers with various sized pockets, to hold kids stuff. Or, if you sew, you can find free patterns for them all over the Web. These seat back organizers still don't answer the problem of a tray table.




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