Over the years, we have written about "driveaway" services that paid drivers to move vehicles from point A to point B.

So, here is an update on that plan -- based on the experiences of Mark Dougherty:

Mark Dougherty makes a few thousand extra bucks a year as a hired driver for people who need to get their cars and moving trucks across the country.

The retired 70-year-old charges $10 per hour driving time and uses Google maps to estimate his fee, plus expenses like one-way plane tickets, gas, lodging and meals.

He charges an additional $60 to cover having his wife transport him to and from the airport. Dougherty advertises mostly on Craigslist and MyFamilyTravels.com, and he is occasionally tipped (such as on a recent 17-hour drive from Houston to Phoenix, when he received an extra
read more in this CNBC article originally published in 2017.