Hello, and thank you in advance for your time.

I am planning a cross country road trip that I will taking next Wednesday 4/21/21 from Raleigh, NC to San Francisco, CA. I am finally getting to move the love of my love home to wine country so we can live together and have our forever happiness!

I am looking for to plan a route that highlights some of the “worlds biggest” items, and other quirky roadside attractions along the way. Taking pictures at the road signs as we enter each state along the way. We don’t have any particular places we want to see aside from the Grand Canyon for some beautiful views, maybe Graceland. New Orleans?

We have never done a long distance road trip like this, and we could use all the help we can get in planning a memorable trip of a lifetime! Seeing many places that we would otherwise never have a chance to see.

I am flying out there on Wednesday 4/21/21 and we are driving back kinda as fast as we can, while still maximizing our experience. I’m trying to be back in California on Sunday evening 4/25/21 so I can make it to work Monday. But if I need to take more time off work, I should be able to swing it.

ThNk you all for your help, and I greatly appreciate this forum for all the help it has already provided me!!