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    Hey everyone! I'm a travel nurse from Chicago and I will be doing my first travel assignment in 2 years in May.
    I will be driving from Chicago, IL to Oroville, CA from May 6 to May 9. I am driving alone with no pets (I used to travel with my cat!) I have driven cross-country from IL to CA and back 3 times before (but to Merced instead), so I'm used to the driving!

    Can you please answer these questions:
    1. What route should I take and where should I stay each night?
    2. What are some sights I can see along the way? (I love nature and hiking)

    Thank you for your help!

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    Default Basically

    There is only one basic route that gets you to your destination in a reasonable amount of time. That direct route is I-88 west out of Chicago to the Quad Cities, then I-80 for most of the rest of the way, finishing up on CA-20/CA-70 from Yuba Pass to Oroville. It would require four days of pretty steady driving with only minimal (but some) time for sight-seeing stops. So three roughly equally spaced stops would be: Lincoln NE, Laramie WY, and Wells NV. A few quick stops along the way might include a few places along the Oregon Trail, the Great Salt Lake and (a short detour) Lake Tahoe. Short hikes to break up your driving day are best taken at small state parks near the Interstate.


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    AZBuck suggested short hikes at small state parks near the interstate.

    Though this list particularly focuses on camping, the listings can lead you to some nice short hiking trails as well: I-80 public camping spots.


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