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    Hi, I need some advice on a June road trip. 60 something sisters flying in to Las Vegas and driving to Great Basin NP for the Night train. We will fly in to Vegas on Tuesday 6/8 and have Night Train reservations for Friday 6/11 and fly out on Monday. We were originally going to spend 2 days in Las Vegas and although both will be fully inoculated , not sure Vegas and all those people is that interesting this time around. (we did that when we did the Utah Mighty Five) I would love any suggestions for what we can do with 2 extra days driving to Great Basin from Vegas. We are not campers (except for an interesting yurt, here and there!!) but love interesting towns and oddities and of course state and national parks. Thanks everyone!

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    Default A Couple of Things

    For your earlier trip we had several suggestions. Those all still stand although now you simply won't have time to do them all. Looking at your previous posts also makes it clear that you will be traveling with one or two of your 60 year old siblings and not five dozen nuns. We really can't add much to those previous suggestions other than that you would have time for only cursory visits to Zion and Bryce Canyon NPs on the way to Great Basin. My wife and I also found St. George UT to have some interesting history based around Brigham Young and his winter home, as well as an excellent example of a Mormon Temple.


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    You'll be going through Ely, NV, most likely, on your way to Great Basin. If you like history, there are ghost towns around the area. There are also several museums, including an old railroad depot.

    St George has several interesting things, as well, as noted above. There's a petroglyph park, and Red Cliffs State Park, both outdoors if it isn't too hot.


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    As you either head north or coming back south, you can swing by Valley of Fire State Park not far from Las Vegas. Beautiful landscape, hikes and petroglyphs but in June it's going to be HOT!

    If you are coming or going from Las Vegas on Hwy 93, at Crystal Springs take a very short detour to the start of Hwy 375 and grab a picture of the Extraterrestrial Hwy sign!

    On Hwy 93 just north of Panaca, NV is Cathedral Gorge State Park for a quick stop.

    If you go or comeback though St. George, UT there is Snow Canyon State Park that is very scenic and has hiking. Also in the area are petroglyphs hikes that I can give you info on if you decide to go. Again, it's going to be hot.

    If it's hot, then the cave tour at Great Basin might be an ideal thing to do! We did the cave tour back in the 1970's (before it was a national park) and they tell me the tour is not as good as back then! Also driving to the top of Wheeler Peak should be cooler!


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    All good suggestions but as a side thought have you considered heading to Sedona for a couple of nights? I am just wondering if it might be a better option given you don't really want to walk /hike too far.

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