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    I guess the Motel 6 here was *really* bad - I drove by today and it's no longer a Motel 6, it's a Super 7. That has to be really bad to lose the franchise.
    And apparently couldn't afford the extra 1 for an 8 to go with their Super ;) - Or maybe they have standards that a bad Motel 6 wouldn't fit into either...

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    Now that I have the suggestions from this great site I need to sit down with my map. I keep going back and forth with either flying 3hrs or driving 3 days to and from. Somehow I want to try the drive, although I know it will be stressful, it's kinda a challenge :)

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    The drive would be more enjoyable if you took some extra time for sightseeing.

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    Flying with puppies may be another kind of stress altogether! If my husband and I have or can make the time to drive, we do so. We start looking at the cons of flying (especially these days):

    * Parking at the airport.
    * Renting a vehicle at the other end ($$)
    * Going through Security 2 hours before the flight then sitting around for those almost-2 hours.
    * Sitting in a crowded plane next to a stranger.
    * Invariably, that stranger would be sneezing, coughing, and we'd end up with a cold. Fortunately these days...
    * Wearing a mask from the time you exit your vehicle at the airport until you get into your rental vehicle on the other end. This is both a pro and a con.
    * Hoping that your flight is on time on either end, and if you have a connecting flight, hoping that you'll make it!

    Of course the pro is that you can fly anywhere in the US in one day. Then you may be able to spend more time on the other end.

    * No motels enroute.
    * Is the flight cheaper than the fuel to drive?
    * Less restaurants while enroute, saving $.


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