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  1. Default Pearland TX to Clifton New Jersey Assistance

    I am planning a trip from Pearland, TX to Clifton NJ in a couple of months, so looking for a nice, friendly and safe driving route that would take a few days drive there and back (total of 6 days). Need some pet friendly stops along the way (won't have time to do much I know). We have seen some similar routes, but they were relatively old or going in the opposite direction and not as far.

    Any advice from seasoned travelers who have gone that route or very similar would be truly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    If you only have 6 days total, you don't have time to do anything but take the fastest all-Interstate route, and you will have to return the very next day via the same route. This would be I-10/I-12/I-59/I-75/I-40/I-81/I-78. This is 550 miles a day, which is about all you should be trying to do. Overnights in Meridian MS and Wytheville VA.

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    Thank you for the fast reply glc. I am going to grab a puppy, so wasn't planning on sight seeing, just was reading about all these different routes which became extremely confusing after awhile.

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    Default (Straight) To the Point

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    At a shade over 1600 miles but the route I'm going to recommend is indeed a full three day drive one-way. While not the shortest route in miles, that route is going to be all-Interstate, so the shortest in time. So... Start by taking the Houston beltway, TX-8, to I-10 east; switch to I-12 to stay north of Lake Pontchartrain and out of New Orleans; take I-59 north from Slidell LA to far northern Georgia; use I-24 east through Chattanooga and I-75 north from there; Stay with I-40 east after it and I-75 are duplexed through Knoxville then after about 25 miles switch to I-81 north which will keep you well outside the major cities of the east coast; about 15 miles east of Harrisburg PA switch to I-78 east to Union NJ and a final short stretch on the Garden State Parkway north to NJ-3 and Clifton.

    Your two roughly equally spaced overnights would then be York AL and Wytheville VA. Both are moderately sized towns with several many lodging and dining options but without the hassle of big cities. as for dog walks, your best bet would be to use state and local parks near your route. For example Gosen Memorial Park in Rayne LA, (just south of exit 87 off I-10, make a right onto Oak Street) and even Rest Areas along the highways will serve for a dog walk and a chance for you to take your eyes off the road. If you need help finding more specific suggestions for dog stops, just let us know, but a good map should be all you need to help you find parks that fit your requirements.

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    Buck recommended the same route as I did, but there's only one hotel and no chain restaurants in York, which is why I recommended Meridian.

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    Thanks to both of you...I have seen Meridian mentioned several times for stops on the way to NJ. I think I originally had my first overnight in Alabama and second in Blacksburg, then Clifton the 3rd day in late afternoon.

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    There's a Naval base in Meridian. Between that and its proximity to I-20, it's of decent size and you'll find about 20 different lodging places in all budget ranges, plus quite a few chain and mom-pop type restaurants. What you won't really know before you get there (or Wytheville) is what is going to be open fully, and what isn't. Even in a couple of months, I'd be prepared with masks and for meals with take-out. (Probably with a puppy, that might be for the best anyway; motels don't like pets being left alone in their units, even crated.)

    Motel 6 as a chain is probably the most pet-friendly across the board; my cousin who shows dogs says that's the chain they use the most.


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    Default Two motel chains that specialize in pet-friendly accommodations

    Two chains that have always been nice to our doggies. They sort of specialize to small dogs and always have treats for them at the check-in desk:

    La Quinta -- "Pets Welcome Policy"

    Holiday Inn Express "Pet Friendly Hotels in the IHG Chain"

    I am not a fan of the Motel 6 brand -- either with or without pets.


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