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    We're in Eureka, CA. My father, in Gering, NE took quite a spill. I want to leave ASAP for NE. What is the best route weather-wise? Thank you!

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    Default ASAP: As Short As Possible

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    The truth is that the best thing for your father, for whom this is going to be an uncomfortable trip, I suspect, is to keep it as short as possible. At best, you're going to need three days of driving to get to Gering. The best way to miss inclement weather is also to keep the trip as short as possible. Just be a little flexible on your departure time if possible. Interstate Highways get first priority for any needed salting or sanding, so it's best to stick to them where possible.

    So, with those considerations, the route I'd suggest would depend on the weather (stay flexible). If the weather looks good on the day you start east, take CA-299 to Redding and then CA-44, to CA-36 through Susanville to US-395 down to Reno (the shortest route) and I-80 east to Cheyenne then I-25/US-85/CO-88/CO-71 to Gering. If the weather on your departure day looks iffy, particularly if there is snow in the mountains, then you might be better off going south on US-101 and/or CA-1 where the moderating effects of the ocean may keep precipitation as rain rather than snow. You'd then use CA-37 (from US-101) or US-101 north to CA-37 (from CA-1) to I-80 east at Vallejo. That last route really would take up most of three days. As always, if the weather looks really bad, you'll just have to delay your departure until the trip can be made safely.


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    Buck, I don't think their father is making the trip, these people are going to see their father who is in NE the way I read it.

    Buck's route suggestions are good, except I believe he meant US-85/WY-151/NE-88/NE-71.

    I would not take CA-1, that road is just too slow, it's for sightseeing. Take US-101 if you have to, it adds 100 miles but only about an hour to the shortest route and would be a much better bet if the weather is not good.
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    Caltrans website ( ) shows no closures on CA roads in Buck's route. Forecast shows no significant precipitation hitting The State of Jefferson for the next few days, so that should not be an issue.

    That said, you're likely on your way by now so good luck and wishes to you and your father.

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