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    As of today, San Diego remains 'purple', the Bay Area has all moved to 'red' (indoor dining, limited capacity). Things change regularly, see this for current status.

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    San Diego County is moving into Red Tier on Wednesday 3/17. Finally, and may we STAY that way!!!!

    Donna who is waiting for shot #2

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    Shot #2, moderna, yesterday :)

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    Itís finally decided. I am driving a Corvette. I will be taking a road trip from St. Louis to San Francisco starting about April 15th. I have 8 days to complete the trip driving alone. I am looking for route recommendations.

    Being 70+, I am interested in taking a scenic route, interested in National Parks along the way. Having been through the Rockies in Colorado (Estes Park, Colorado Springs, Pikeís peak, etc) a few times recently, I would not be interested in visiting them. So I am looking for other scenic routes, donít mind driving through Colorado but without many stops there.

    I will likely be returning after a 3-4 day stay in San Francisco. My return would likely be a straight trip to Las Vegas from San Francisco and then back to St. Louis.

    Basically, leave on the 15th, arrive in San Francisco on the 23rd, leave San Francisco area on the 27th, spend 28-30 in Las Vegas, drive back home by May1-2nd.

    Your help is appreciated.

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    Default Get your kicks, on Route 66?

    Well; being as you're a Corvette owner (as am I: 2005 C6 convertible/manual), one must suggest considering the Mother Road.

    I am putting together my own Route 66 itinerary from the Bay Area out as far as Tucumcari for October.

    The routing below should be feasible, but assumes you stick to route 66 (no Grand Canyon or Vegas side trips), are willing to put in 6-7 hour driving days, have minimal stops, and selectively choose interstate vs. actual Route 66. (Other commenters may rightly point out this is abusive for a person in their 70s... but then I'm in my 70s so what do I know?).

    I'm sure I don't have to tell you stick to paved roads, you won't have the clearance needed for some of the more 'interesting' treks.

    Possible routing:
    Day 1: St. Louis to Oklahoma city (long day, not much time to see anything, certainly if you don't stick to the interstate for much of it)
    Day 2: OK City to Tucumcari. Try to get an advance reservation at the Blue Swallow (look it up).
    Day 3: Tucumcari to Gallup by way of Santa Fe
    Day 4: Gallup to Kingman (make sure you do the loop through Seligman)
    Day 5: Kingman to Santa Monica, by way of Oatman (SM is the end of Route 66)
    Day 6: Santa Monica to San Francisco

    Gives you two days to extend stays and/or take a side trip.

    For the record: MY current October plans (omitting multiple night stops) going Eastbound:

    Leg 1: Bay Area to Santa Monica (spend 2 nights)
    Leg 2: Santa Monica to Barstow
    Leg 3: Barstow to Lake Havasu
    Leg 4: Lake Havasu to Flagstaff (spend 3 nights)
    Leg 5: Flagstaff to Gallup (spend 2 nights)
    Leg 6: Gallup to Tucumcari


    (Well it goes to St. Louis, down to Missouri
    Oklahoma City looks so, so pretty
    You'll see Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico)
    Flagstaff, Arizona, don't forget Wynonna
    Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino)

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    So have you thought any more about the suggestions made previously and the National parks in Utah ? Are there some things you really want to see ? If you could give us some ideas of your thought process it will be much easier to offer meaningful advice regarding routes and overnights.

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    Default For Scenery...

    The main problem you have is that you've got to cross a whole lot of the Great plains before you get to what you might call scenery. (No offense to the Great Plains - I was born there.) While either I-10 or I-40 (which replaced US-66) would be good serviceable routes, neither is particularly scenic in its own right. You've 'recently' driven I-70, which would be perhaps the most scenic option. For me, the obvious choice would be I-80. I-40/I-29/NE-2, from St. Louis through Kansas City and Nebraska City to Lincoln NE, would get you on that route.

    Now, while the first part of that route crosses relatively flat, treeless countryside (as do most routes west out of St.Louis, with the possible exception of I-44 down past the Ozarks, it also follows the Oregon Trail with its history and a few iconic stone outcrops marking the route along the Platte River. You'll cross the Rockies in southwestern Wyoming and although they won't be as majestic as in Colorado, they do qualify as scenic in my book. Indeed, such routes seem tailor-made for a rag top or T-top.

    Similarly, I-80 through Utah and Nevada have my favorite kind of scenery, what I call Magnificent Desolation. That route is VERY sparsely populated and flat enough that the mountains off in the distance take on a kind of ethereal quality. Understand, however, that pre-planning on this section will be important, Know where you'll be spending each night and make reservations, Know where restaurants service stations and rest areas are because it could be a long way to the next one if you pass an opportunity by.

    Finally, I-80 passes mile-high Lake Tahoe and then crosses the Sierra Nevada before dropping down into the Central Valley of California for the final run into San Francisco. Scenery will be no problem at all on that portion of your drive.

    Eight days is actually quite a bit of time to transit a route that could be driven relatively easily in four, so you can indulge in a few side trips if you're of a mind to do so. One you might like would be to skip Salt Lake and head up to Pocatello ID, using US-30/I-15 from southwestern Wyoming, and drive the Thousand Springs area of southern Idaho before using US-93 south from the Twin Falls area to rejoin I-80.


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    Something to look at - take I-44 through Springfield to Exit 57, take MO-96 (a stretch of original Route 66) through Carthage, west of town take the exit to stay on 96 through Oronogo to MO-141. Take that into Kansas, go straight at the first light to get on US-400 through the Flint Hills, go through Wichita to Dodge City, where you can pick up US-50 into Colorado to Grand Junction to I-70. Take that through Utah to Salina, rejoin US-50 to Scipio, go south on I-15 for a short stretch and stay on US-50 through Nevada (on the Loneliest Road) to Carson City, stay on US-50 around Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, then I-80 into San Fran.

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    Good option above by GLC!

    Or continue on US-400 to Dodge City, La Junta, drive across southern Colorado (US-160) to Cortez. From there you have several options including additional national parks and monuments.

    On your return leg I would suggest I-80 for your speed drive segment. At Lincoln City, NE, you can decide how to finish off the trip. Plenty of decent US highways across Iowa and then take the river route down to STL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    So have you thought any more about the suggestions made previously and the National parks in Utah ? Are there some things you really want to see ? If you could give us some ideas of your thought process it will be much easier to offer meaningful advice regarding routes and overnights.
    Ok, more things are finalized and I expect to leave home with the following itinerary.

    Depart home ...............................Tuesday, April 20th
    Somewhere in Kansas.................Tuesday night.
    Gunnison, Co......".........................Wednesday, April 21st.
    Moab, UT ".".................................Sunday, April 22nd

    Now, from Moab, UT, I need to get to Las Vegas. I plan to see Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park, then head to Las Vegas but need help find a path with any other sights. I could stop overnight somewhere between Moab and Las Vegas on the 23rd night after seeing those two parks, get into Las Vegas on 24th night. Please suggest.

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