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    Default Denver to Seattle - 6 Weeks - Any ‘Must See’s’ Missed?

    Hi there.

    I posted about 18 months back asking for advice on a loop trip we were starting to plan from Denver to Yellowstone and back again.

    Obviously time has passed, COVID arrived, borders closed and plans got messed up.

    But it has meant that we’ve been able to save up plenty of leave, and we’re looking to do a solid 6 week road trip in August/September 2022 as we think it likely borders will have reopened by then.

    With the luxury of time, I’ve mapped out a reasonably exhaustive trip itinerary. You can view it in detail in map form here :

    For anyone familiar with the route - is there anything on or close to our route that is a ‘Must See’ that I haven’t included? And anything I have that is a bit ho-hum and should be skipped?

    As always appreciate any and all advice.

    Thanks! Daniel.
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