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The only apps I really, really like when we travel, are TripAdvisor, and GasBuddy. The latter helps me find out what the gas/fuel prices are in various places, so we can plan fuel stops to take advantage of "better deals". Still, we've been known to see a sign at an exit and immediately get off, though we hadn't planned on fuel there, if the price was better. TripAdvisor is good for both lodging reviews/prices, and food reviews/prices. For reviews - if one person had a bad experience and the rest of the reviews were good, we go.

One other app I use from time to time is Opentable to make restaurant reservations, primarily to make sure I have a place to eat when I get to a stopping place.

Selection is limited and tends toward high-end places, but not always. As a test, I just checked dinner in Fargo, ND at 7pm today; it came up with a few openings, including 5 or 6 in Fargo and some more in the surrounding area.