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    What about UT-12 from Capitol Reef to Bryce?

  2. Default From Santa Fe NM to Central Florida .... best routes?

    We are planning a long road trip end summer/early fall and will end a tour of national parks in Springdale Utah - then head back to Central Florida. We'll take 2 days to get to Santa Fe, NM (I love Santa Fe). From there I want to plan a route home in about 4 days. The two main choices appear to be a more northern route via I40 which would take us to Atlanta and then south on I75. OR a more southern route where we'd get off I40 in Amarillo and head towards I20 via Wichita Falls then somehow make it through (around) Ft Worth/Dallas then I20 to Jackson then cut down to I10, then I10 to I75. Overnight in Wichita Falls, Texas; Shreveport LA; Pensacola FL and then home. My main concern is the Ft Worth/Dallas area. Is this bad enough to do the more northern route?? The Southern route would cover more "new" territory for us but I'd prefer to avoid killer traffic if possible enroute. Of course Atlanta is always bad but its a known quantity for us as we make the drive from Florida to northern Ohio to visit family/friends. Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks

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    They are two different topics. The first was Florida to Wyoming. The one I posted today is Utah to Florida. !! Please unmerge.

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    You are clearly asking for information about the return home of the same trip. As the context of how you are getting out there - as well as other information about how you are planning to travel for this trip- is all relevant to the return portion of this same trip, having this as part of one thread is clearly appropriate. Sorry, but per forum policies, the merge needs to stand.

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    Well you've just made my posted question useless as the title of the thread doesn't relate to my current question. Silly!

  6. Default Santa Fe to Ocala FL

    Would welcome any suggestions for routing for a drive from Santa Fe NM to Ocala FL. Currently planning on 4 days with stops in Oklahoma City, Memphis, and Montgomery Alabama. What say you experienced travelers? Let me know if you have suggestions for more efficient routing. Goal is for routing of ~ 400-500 miles daily and avoiding known construction/slow down areas. Timing would be late summer / early fall so no worries about winter weather.

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    As a user of the forum, the rule helps me figure out that you are working the same trip but the return trip. If it's a separate message, I might suggest going back the way you came out -- useless, probably. This way, I know you're planning to go out one way and do this-that-the-other in that direction, and come back using a different route doing other things. We can see the whole picture in this way, which is the way most of us experienced roadtrippers do our planning. It helps us give you more pertinent advice, and avoids the need to jump back and forth between threads.


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    Default Some Simple Math

    The two routes you laid out are indeed the 'best' routes available to you, but they are not equivalent. In particular, the i-40/Atlanta/I-75 route would chew up the vast majority of the four days you've allotted for this portion of your trip just driving. It would leave very little time for any sightseeing at all. If the route through DFW is 'new territory', that's the way I'd go. Most heavy traffic problems, even around/through large metropolitan areas can be ameliorated simply by strategic timing and/or meal breaks.


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