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    I was so pleased to hear from Mark about today's celebration. And I am glad to have been a very small part of such a great website. It's been awhile since I have been active but we are planning a roadtrip for this summer (Covid willing, that is) so I will be popping in more.

    Congratulations to Mark and Megan. This is quite an achievement.

    Unfortunately, I am at my local ER at the moment, 30 minutes before the event. Nothing serious but I cut myself bad enough for stitches. If I get out of here timely, I will try to pop in but I am still in the waiting room, there are quite a few people head of me and the background noise here is noisy.
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    Default Sorry to hear about your injury.


    Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope your wait is not too long.

    We were looking forward to seeing you!


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    Default So great to see all of you!

    Twentyseven RoadTripping colleagues joined in the Zoom call today.

    So great to see you

    Hailing from four countries (UK, Canada, Australia and USA) and seven USA states for today's call:

    Jaimie Bruzenak (Jaimie Bruzenak) Tucson, Arizona, USA
    George Carey (glc) -- Joplin, Missouri, USA
    Don Casey (CalOldBlue) -- Berkeley, California, USA
    Ron & Patti Clements (Ron Clements) -- On-the-Road (Devin, Florida today), USA
    Daniel "Buck" Janes, (AZBuck) Tucson, Arizona, USA
    Megan Edwards & Mark Sedenquist – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    Tim Dimo (MassTim) -- Wilbraham, Massachusetts, USA
    Dave & Lezli Gomm (Southwest Dave) -- Goring, West Sussex, United Kingdom
    Dennis & Kimberly Goza – (Dennis Goza & Kimberly Goza) On-the-Road (California coast today), USA
    Keith & Margaret Growden (keithg) – Logan, Queensland, Australia
    Tom Herbertson (Tom_H007) – Laguna Niguel, California, USA
    Lucy (Lifemagician) – Essendon, Victoria, Australia
    Ron Miller (NoFanOfCB) – Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
    Donna & Warren Randsell (DonnaR57) – Poway, California, USA
    Michael & Rebecca Roth (Midwest Michael) – Brodhead, Wisconsin, USA
    Rick Quinn (Rick Quinn)-- Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    Gary Sowerby (Gary Sowerby) – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Peter & Carole Thody (Peter Thody) – Leeds, United Kingdom

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    Default Congratulations !

    Thank you Mark and Megan, we really enjoyed it!

    Dave and Lezli

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    Default Grand seeing you all!

    Great to finally see and talk to the wonderful folk responsible for this wonderful site... Mark and Megan obviously; but everybody else involved either directly or indirectly. I fully enjoyed the time I was more engaged, but alas, I got re-hired and never seemed to find the time to get involved again (IT operations has the habit of being a real time suck).

    Now that I've retired, I may be able to come back and be a pest again. I most definitely WILL re-acquaint myself with the site and its new features.

    Thanks for putting the zoom together.

    Regards to all;

    Don Casey (AKA CalOldBlue)

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    Default A Good Time Was Had by All

    I'll second the kudos. Great group that led to a very pleasant, entertaining, and informative way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. Glad to finally 'meet' you all and learn the faces and personalities behind them.


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    Default Congratulations rta.

    We were late with mix up on time difference but enjoyed putting faces's to names. Just need to do it again as my memory is bad. Needs to be planted in my brain a bit more. So many great smiling faces. And a cat. hehe. Wish we could have been there in person. One day we hope we can. Was so much fun listening to everyone. Lets not leave it to long. Thank you Mark and Megan for doing this.

    Keithg and Margaret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post
    Twentythree RoadTripping colleagues joined in the Zoom call today.

    So great to see you

    Sorry I missed the Zoom call. It got busy here today at noon. Had to deliver to our grandson his favorite molasses cookies that I baked for him.


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    That call was my first ever Zoom meeting, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was sorry that I had to drop off without at least saying goodbye--but I had a contractor show up unexpectedly to give me an estimate, and my presence was requested elsewhere.

    At any rate, here's to RTA, and to 25 great years! I'll be looking forward to many, many more of the same!

    Rick Quinn

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    As I said in a thread on another section of the forum, that was fun to put faces to names. I too got all messed up with the timing and ended up an hour late. Wish I'd seen in the Zoom invitation, the small print that said "12 Noon", but I was stuck on the 1:00 pm of a previous discussion.


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