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    We are driving from San Diego to New York (one way) in an RV the beginning of March. Can anyone recommend the best route with which campgrounds to stop for overnight? Not sure what would be open during covid times?

    Thank you!

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    Default More info required.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There really is no single "Best route" just plenty of options that need to align with your personal goals, which we know nothing of other than your start and finish points. Are you delivering the RV and looking for the quickest route or is this a holiday trip ? How much time do you have ? What are your interests ? The more you can tell us about yourself(selves) the more meaningful advice we can offer. With regards to Covid, someone might be able to point you in the right direction of a good info source but as it's an unknown that can change on a daily basis, it's something you should research yourself on a local basis and keep getting updated. The basics are that just getting there as quickly as possible will take a week of travel in a slower moving RV at a sensible pace.

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    Something to keep in mind regarding campgrounds in March: they may be closed for the season, not just because of COVID-19. This is especially true of some that are further north. Other campgrounds will be open, but the amenities (water hookups, restroom facilities, etc) may be closed.

    We have an entire forum dedicated to the public campgrounds that are within 20 miles (one way) of Interstates and US highways. Once you have chosen a route (and an alternate route, in case of inclement weather), you can click on campgrounds.

    When my husband and I had an RV, we didn't like to travel more than about 450 miles per day. That's because it takes more time to "tear down" and get ready to roll in the morning, and a little more time to "set up" in the evenings, and we didn't like to do that in the dark. The things I loved about my RV were the bathroom onboard, cooking my own meals when I felt like it, and sleeping in the same bed every night.


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    Depending upon how much time you have, think about driving Route 66 for some of the way. It is always near an interstate so it will be easy getting on and off.

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