Hi all - I'm planning a 16 day, one-way road trip from Minneapolis to Denver, hitting Mt. Rushmore area, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, then Rocky Mountain National Park. We actually live on the East Coast, I plan to fly into Minneapolis and out of Denver. The 16 days do not include flight days.

We'd like to do day hikes, auto tour, sight seeing, may car camp for a few days if weather is nice. What do you think of the plan below? Too many days in YNP/GTNP? Should we cut a few days from them and spend more time in the in-between areas, such as in between Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain NP?

1 Flight to Minnesota, drive to SD
2 Minuteman/Badland
3 Rushmore/Custer
4 Drive to Billings MT; visit Devil's Tower
5 Yellowstone
6 Yellowstone
7 Yellowstone
8 Yellowstone
9 Yellowstone
10 Grand Teton
11 Grand Teton
12 Grand Teton
13 Grand Teton
14 Drive to Rocky Mountain NP
18 Flight Home