Just got back from a trip that included going into Yosemite 4 times and to Sonora Pass from Groveland, CA

We had wanted to camp in Upper Pines in Yosemite. Yosemite is different than most of the National Park campsites we reserve. Five months in advance on the 15th of the month they book for 30 days! So 5 months in advance I got up at 6:30 am PST so I'd be on the computer ready to push the enter button to get a campsite and with in 8 minutes ALL the available campsites we could use were taken. Since we are retired the dates didn't matter to us and I kept trying for different dates and sites and NO LUCK! Very disappointing! That's why we ended up at a private campground in Groveland for 9 nights.

We went into the valley on three different days AVOIDING Saturday, April 17th because it was a Free National Park day and a fourth time to Hetch Hetchy section. Other people who went in said it was very crowded on the free pass day!

On April 12th, our full first day of the trip, we had hoped to snow shoe but the road to Badger Pass was closed because they were plowing the road. Crane Flats had just patches of snow. We went to the road closed sign and just very small patches of snow on the side of the road.

On April 13th we tried to find snow on Sonora Pass and again, just patches of snow where the road was closed for the season.

During the week the crowds in Yosemite were not bad at all. Most but not all people were wearing mask on the popular trails. The falls were gorgeous but the river was not as high as other springs that we have been there.

The temps in Yosemite Valley were in the 70's the three times we went It was predicted to get to 78 our last day there on April 19th. I'm sure the snow is melting FAST!