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    Hi all,

    Any input is appreciated as we are first timers to start an around the nation road trip in a camper van with 2 dogs. QUESTION IS: What's the best way to visit any sites while leaving the camper van behind? (Assuming we get a local dog sitter to stay with the pooches LOL!)

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    Obviously, such a decision is going to have to accommodate all your abilities and limitations, not just the dog. But if I were thinking about such a mixed-mode RoadTrip my obvious first choice for 'alternate transportation' would be bicycles. I've been to a few parks and wildlife refuges where a number of people use them to get around without four wheels and an engine. They're quiet, nonpolluting, good exercise, allow immediate stopping if you see something unusual, can be hooked to the outside of or easily stored on the inside of your RV, and they let you get farther than you could on foot. Most outdoor parks and such have handicapped accessible, paved or packed dirt trails that are bicycle ready - just check with the rangers for any restrictions on their use.


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