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  1. Default Do you have a vehicle you want driven to Reno/Tahoe area? Leaving CN Sunday 8/9/20


    I am driving from Reno, NV to Connecticut to deliver a car to my Aunts around 8/8/2020. Do you have a vehicle you want driven and delivered to the Reno/Lake Tahoe area? Looking for transportation back to Nevada. Let me know if interested. If I can't find something in the coming days, will have to book a flight home. New York to Reno, NV also ok.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I would encourage you to check out auto driveaway services that do what you want in a professional, and insured, fashion. You'll be at the whims of what cars they may have available at any given time, but it's probably the best option for the situation you've described.

    We generally do not recommend trying to set up a private arraignment to drive someone elses car across country. The risks and liability is simply too great. If you got into a crash, the owner could have liability, and frankly, you could drive off the with car, never return, and there's little recourse the owner would have. On the flip side, if there is something wrong with the car, and you're driving it, there's nothing to protect you as the driver either.

    You might also be able to find someone to share a ride with, although, in the COVID era, that's also got some problems....

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    Default Might be safer (and cheaper) to fly home!


    Even if you were to get lucky and find someone to share a ride with, there will still be expenses. Half the cost of the fuel, lodging expenses, restaurant meals along the way, and if the other person isn't going to or through Reno, you might have to cover the cost of the last leg of your trip, on a Greyhound bus or equivalent. Same deal with a driveaway vehicle: fuel, lodging, meals, and unless you get very lucky, you'll be stuck with the additional cost of getting the rest of the way home to Reno from wherever you drop the car.

    Total all that up, and it might cost as much or more than a one-way plane ticket. Considering the pandemic and everything else that's going on right now, if I were you, I'd most definitely go by air, and I'd probably buy that plane ticket now. They're usually a better deal when purchased at least 14 days in advance, and having your transportation home locked down ahead of time would probably make the rest of your trip more enjoyable. (Keep in mind, this is your safety-conscious grandpa talking! ;-)


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    The other thing that crosses my mind - renting a car to get home. Of course, you'd have to weigh the following:

    Renting a car - cost of rental, gasoline, hotels and restaurants along the way. That rental may/may not come with a one-way fee, which would drive the cost up drastically. Still, they may be hard up and need a car to go that way anyway, and waive the fee. Can't hurt to ask!

    Airfare - cost of airfare, getting home from the airport (if you don't have a friend or family member to pick you up), the safety to you.

    BTW, if you are entering the information into a driveaway website, Connecticut is CT rather than CN. You might end up in Canada!


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    Default There are more concerns with private arrangements.

    Follow Michael's advice and contact AutoDriveaway. Driving soneone else's car has many more concerns than those mentioned by Michael. Everything in the car is YOUR responsibilty. What if you pick up a car which has drugs concealed in it. Saying they are not yours and you were only driving it for someone else, will not go down well with law enforcement. Private arrangements are not worth the risk.

    Same goes for giving someone a ride in your car. If they have drigs or weapons in their luggage it is YOUR responsibility in your car.


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