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  1. Default Advice for new RVer for family trip from Nothern California to Boulder Colorado

    Hello RV community,

    My family are first time RVers (rented a 32 footer) and going into Boulder Colorado > Utah. I used the Roadtrippers app to map out our trip and is taking us through Highway 80 route from Napa Valley to Nevada then up through Wyoming and down to Boulder. I'm a bit nervous on the drive into Colorado as I heard the mountains were steep and curvy.

    Is this a dangerous drive through the Colorado mountains for new RVers? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


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    Welcome to RTA!

    There really aren't any Interstate highways that would be considered too dangerous for a RV. Take I-80 to I-25 to CO-119 to get to Boulder. To go from there to Utah, take CO-93 to Golden, then US-6 *east* to CO-470 to I-70.

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    By “32 foot RV” I assume you are talking about the large Cruise America class C motorhome, or similar unit. I have rented that unit several times.

    My concern wouldn’t be as much about the hills as it would be about the weather and your speed. You would be wise to stay put on extremely windy days because you’ll really feel the effects of the wind. In addition, I don’t like driving over 70 mph because of the uncomfortable ride at high speeds. It gets quite tiring because the RV tends to drift in its lane. It’s hard to describe, but I find a big difference between 60 and 70 mph. Of course, traffic and safety might dictate that you should drive faster.

    As for going downhill, just let it coast. I’ve found the transmission to handle most grades well. For short inclines use the brakes but for steeper longer inclines, carefully downshift one gear.

    You’ll get used to driving it in mountains pretty quick. Just keep your speed down to what feels comfortable.

    Oh, one HUGE bit of advice! OBEY the posted exit ramp speeds!!! You might not give them a second thought in a car but you could lose control of your RV.

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    I'm unclear on the route to Boulder. Some routes are curvy and mountainous, others are interstate or similar (I-80, US 287)

    Wyoming wind can be really something amazing. Came back from a motorcycle trip to Montana on Sunday the winds in Wyoming were about 30 gusting to well over 40 - and of course always a crosswind. Big trucks were parked to avoid being blown over. Riding the motorcycle was exciting and exhausting.

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