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  1. Default Epic Road trip plan - critique?

    Hey all,

    Long time reader, first time caller.

    I've driven across large portions of the country before for work/relocation, but never for personal fun/road tripping.

    I have a lot of vacation time saved up, so my plan is to take a lot of it next month and to do a trip. Most of the stops are to see friends spread across the country (which is why certain cities are chosen when there might be a more famous city nearby), have dinner with them, stay in a shoddy hotel, and then move on. But I'd like advice on:
    1) anything I'm missing that is important to see along the way.
    2) if you see anything that seems not feasible.

    I will have 2 friends with me for part of the trip, but sometimes we part ways.

    July 5 - Phoenix to Williams AZ
    July 6 - Grand Canyon viewing, then drive to Santa Fe NM
    July 7 - Amarillo TX
    July 8 - Tulsa OK
    July 9 - Tulsa OK
    July 10 - leave friend in Tulsa and drive to Omaha NE.
    July 11 - Wichita KS
    July 12 - pick up friend in Tulsa and continue to Little Rock AR.
    July 13 - Birmingham AL
    July 14 - Birmingham AL
    July 15 - Savannah GA
    July 16 - Charleston SC
    July 17 - Charlotte NC
    July 18 - Charlottesville VA
    July 19 - Charlottesville VA
    July 20 - Columbus Ohio
    July 21 - Columbus Ohio
    July 22 - Columbus Ohio
    July 23 - Columbus Ohio
    July 24 - Indianapolis IN
    July 25 - St. Louis MO
    July 26 - Kansas City MO
    July 27 - Oklahoma City OK
    July 28 - Albuquerque NM
    July 29 - back to PHX.

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    Default A natural wonder of the world deserves more.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums.

    You sure like your cities !! Of course that's fine as it's your trip and your goals and interests are all that matter. I think you have under estimated how vast the south rim of the Grand canyon is and how many viewpoints there are that offer different aspects. It looks as though this could be your longest days drive at aprox 530 miles while trying to visit a natural wonder of the world. If you enter the park via the south entrance and rive along Desertview drive and out the east entrance to Cameron, that's likely 3 hours before you even stop and then its 7 hours plus to Santa Fe. So with all that city life going on the rest of the trip, my one critique would be not giving the Grand canyon enough of your time and would suggest you stay in Cameron (Trading post is really cool), Flagstaff or maybe even Winslow rather than Santa Fe and adjust your trip accordingly.

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    I'm assuming most of your city time is based around visiting friends, although, knowing which places are for that reason and which places are just places you want to visit might be helpful.

    I do agree with Dave that you are really shortchanging the Grand Canyon. That said, if you live in Phx, maybe it would be better to skip that one for this trip and use that time at other natural wonders that aren't available to you on a weekend trip. Perhaps the Blue Ridge mountains out east, for example.

    The only other thing that stands out is that you are doing quite a bit of backtracking at the end of your trip. I think I would try to adjust things so you're not covering the same ground twice. For example, instead of going to Tulsa at the start of your trip, you make your way across Texas towards Little Rock or Birmingham, and then hit Tulsa between KC and OKC on the trip back. Or save Omaha for the end of your trip, and continue across NE and CO for the trip home. Something like that just to change things up a bit.

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