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    I am planning our honeymoon for July. With the pandemic, we have had to cancel a lot of things, but this is going to be our first roadtrip together. Do you all have any advise on what to do, where to stop, and how to prepare for a beach trip?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Here's the thing. What you will find on this site are people willing to help you plan the best trip for you that best meets your needs. You will find some generic advice on here, what you won't find is specific advice about a particular route with nothing more to go on than its termini. That's because we have no idea how long you have for this trip, what your interests are, what kind of pace you'd like to set, whether you want to visit multiple places while staying on the move or just get somewhere and settle down for a while, etc., etc., etc. Simply put, the more you can tell us about what you're hoping to get out of this trip, what plans you've already made, which of those you've had to cancel, and most importantly what your bride/groom wants as well, the better we'll be able to help you. Otherwise, we'd just be shooting in the dark.

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