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    Hello all!

    I am planning a family trip to Savery Wyoming with my family and i'm looking for some route advice.

    I have never travelled to this part of the country and I am looking to doing the trip in 2 days with a stopping point at Twin falls Idaho.
    We have two drivers. Any advice or input will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!


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    You're looking at a trip that's about 1150 miles. While that certainly is a trip that can be done in 2 days, it really doesn't allow time to do much anything other than cover the miles, and make basic stops for food, fuel, and rest.

    You also don't really have time to do much beyond the straightforward interstate route of I-90/I-82/I-84/I-80.

    Twin Falls is a bit beyond 600 miles and may be a bit too far, especially when you aren't used to long haul travel. Mountain Home would be closer to the halfway point.

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    Given your severe limitations including having only two days for the drive and the presence of other family members, presumably children, your sole option for a through route is I-90 to Ellensburg, then I-84 (duplexed with I-15 north of Ogden to Echo UT, I-80 to Creston WY and finishing up using WY-789/WY-70 to Savery. At over 1,100 miles this will require pretty much all of both of the days you have available to you - no stops, no detours. However, Twin Falls ID is not your best choice for an overnight stop. I's too far from Pallyup, and given the inevitable delay in getting packed up and on the move on day one will put you behind the curve from the outset. I'd strongly suggest that you aim for Mountain Home ID instead for your overnight stop, and make reservations ahead of time to ensure that you have a room (or two) waiting for you. That will even out the driving between the two days and lower the overall stress level of the drive.


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