I just learned that Cruise America is offering a great deal on RV rentals for anytime in 2020. Pay for three nights and get up to three more nights free.

This is not as good as their 2019 deal which included any US rental location. Now, you only have a choice of four US cities but one of them is Anchorage Alaska. There are also some Canadian locations.

No one way trips are allowed.


Last year I rented a large RV for 6 nights but paid for three, but only the nights were free. I still had to pay for miles, generator, etc.

While taking a summer trip might be problematic, this might be a great way to take a fall trip at a discount.

If you’ve never rented an RV before, this might be a good time to try one out. My advice would be to opt for their standard 25 foot model which drives much like a minivan. Their longer models tend to drift over the road and get blown by the wind more.