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    Quote Originally Posted by landmariner View Post
    Each additional increment of 50 miles is an exponential decrease in one's alertness, ability to respond to an emergency or non-standard situation. I've done it before and have no wish to put myself or other people in harm's way again.
    Safe to say we've all done it, and he's not kidding. Fatigue is insidious. It creeps up on you, and by the time you're aware of it, you've been driving in a daze for miles. It's cumulative, meaning it gets worse and worse. I can't think of any good reason why you should risk yourself, your family, or any of the other drivers on the road just to get where you're going in one shot. Worse: four days later, you'd have to do it again!

    It sounds like you're inclined to heed this good advice. If we can be of any further assistance in your planning, drop by any time!


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    (Raising hand) Add me to the list of folks who have done a 650 mile day, and thought, "never again unless we can't help it!" It's very fatiguing, even if there is more than one person in the vehicle who either shares the driving or keeps the driver talking and becomes a second pair of eyes. If you're inclined to drive your 9 hour limit, stay overnight someplace, and roll into the destination after 2-4 hours on the road the next morning, you're doing right.


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