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    I have much better odds in getting down to the Outer Banks in early-June, but am thinking long and hard about restroom options. I have no idea about the public rest areas along I-95 and I-64, much less the highways from Tidewater and into Hatteras Island. Yes, maybe a Costco around Newport News... The return route is usually up the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland which will likely present even larger challenges. Oh, to be young again!!!
    Iím a snowbird who recently decided our odds were better in the wilderness of central Virginia on an acre wooded lot vs where we were in Florida so we managed to travel up I-95. The rest stops were open and we made hotel reservations ahead of time at a reputable chain. Do I advise doing it now? No, unless you feel you need to. I have to say Iím glad we had no further to go than we did. Itís a 15 hour trip, some people said to drive straight through but thereís no way Iíd ever consider that. What we did do was bring all our food with us, ate in the car or hotel room and had plenty of sanitizer wipes and plastic bags to cover hands on gas pumps, then dispose, as well as masks. 50% of the traffic was trucks. Iím glad we did the trip and felt relief as we left Florida but it was also the most nerve wracking trip Iíve ever done.

    As for the Outer Banks, it has been closed and havenít heard if itís open yet. They initially closed to only visitors but two days later they closed to all non residents. Friends of ours who own there went down during those two days and then have been ďstuckĒ there ever since, as if they left they couldnít get back in as non resident property owners. They decided to stay as itís safer than where they live. These are crazy times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    One other point that needs to be made. Masks do not protect the user from contracting the virus. They protect others from being infected by the user of the mask. Most viruses vary in diameter from 20 nanometers (0.0000008 inch) to 400 nm (0.000016 inch) at most. If you can breath through your mask, the virus can get in. The point of the mask is to stop spit, phlegm, mucus, and other nasopharyngeal fluids escaping from the user/carrier - NOT to filter out an airborne virus.

    Very True!

    This is an important point and one that I think is missed by many.

    Some people are wearing N95 masks or what they think are N95 masks. Let’s be clear about those. IF they ARE N95 masks, AND if they are properly fitted, they DO offer substantial personal protection. The catch is PROPERLY FITTED. Your fit MUST be evaluated by trained personnel to ensure that there is absolutely no air leak under ANY circumstances. This is an involved and specific series of steps that also determines WHiCH size and make of N95 mask fits YOU! Some people cannot be fitted including those with facial hair. Gain or lose weight and you need to be refitted. I personally performed many of these tests on hospital personnel for many years, so I speak from experience. So, just getting hold of an N95 mask and strapping it On does NOT guarantee personal protection. It DOES give you a false sense of security

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