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    Hey guys!

    I am planning to drive my 2009 Honda Civic from Rochester, NY to Baton Rouge, LA once the virus settles down. I wanted an expert advice from users over here on the possibility of this trip. It is an '09 coupe that has well over 150k miles on it. Should I be taking this trip provided I put in fresh engine oil, transmission fluid and new tires?

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    Default No one could say for sure without seeing it.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm sorry to say that nobody on an Internet forum will be able to tell you if your car is in suitable condition or not for such a road trip. If you have any concerns then you should let a qualified mechanic give it the once over and get an informed opinion. Having said that, if you are familiar with the car (not just bought it) and it's been regularly serviced and has given you no reason to doubt it's reliability, then the year and mileage of the vehicle shouldn't be a major concern in itself. Unless the tyres are near the end of there life there should be no need to replace them and transmission fluid would only be neccesary if it's due to be done in it's service schedule, but that would all be up to you and the advice of a mechanic. You could cover the 1350 miles with just 2 overnight stops and driving at a relaxed pace will actually place less wear and tear on your vehicle than stop start driving in the city.

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    A car that's 11 years old, and has just 150,000 miles certainly can be used for a long roadtrip if it's been well maintained.

    While it's always smart to make sure to do all the routine maintenance before a trip, the most likely problems that would cause problems on the road aren't going to involve changing oil - especially when talking about a older, fairly high mileage car.

    The things that are more likely to be issues are things like belts, brakes, wheel bearings, the battery and/or alternator. Those are all things that do just wear out and need to be replaced. The only way to know which of those things might be a concern for your car is to have a complete inspection done by a good mechanic.

    And of course, since he's already doing that, go ahead and get an oil change (but I wouldn't assume all of those things would be included with an oil change, even if a change does come with an "inspection")

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    Like the two advisors above, I will agree that it's you that will know more than us about the condition of your car. If you've taken care of it, and you get it to your mechanic for a good inspection (not just a look-see), it should be fine.

    We regularly drive two older vehicles on our trips -- usually a '99 pickup, but sometimes an '02 Pontiac. The pick up is just getting broken in at 125,000 miles, the '02 has 172K on the odometer but has been overhauled, upgraded and we'd trust it in a heartbeat to go 1800 miles. But...that said ... we take very good care of our vehicles. Before one goes on a long trip, it goes into the mechanic's place not only for an oil change, but to have those things that Michael suggested get checked .... belts, brakes, wheel bearings. Still batteries can go out when you least expect it (we just replaced the 2 on the truck ... diesel...) and had an alternator go out on us when we were on a trip. It happens.


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    I have a 2003 F-150 with 199k miles on it. If I had to, I would not hesitate to take it on a cross-country road trip tomorrow.

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