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    It would be nice to have a nationwide transponder. In Massachusetts, we had "Fast Lane" before joining the "E-ZPass" contingent. After a few years the toll booths were removed and now we have gantries along the Mass Pike. There isn't a gantry for every exit - they're over the highway itself - so there are sections that are effectively "free."

    I must admit it has made some of the more congested exits much easier to navigate.

    It's been a while but in New York there were still sections with the old-fashioned gates that everyone had to stop at, whether or not they had a transponder. You'd have to stop in the tollbooth and then wait for the light to turn green and the gate to come up.

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    New York was/is in process to convert the Thruway to a similar system as the Mass Pike (but for some reason having the gantries at each exit rather than over the highway - I guess either works, and this is more like the existing system to track where you enter & exit). They had already set up the drive thru EZ Pass lanes at the southern end (Harriman) - not sure if they did the same out on the Western end or not, but the connection to the Mass Pike still has only booths (though you don't have to stop completely).

    The only ones I can think of locally that are more like you mention would be the bridges crossing the Hudson south of Albany and north of the city area, likely since they have much less room for toll plazas, so building a drive thru lane would be harder to do.

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