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  1. Default Northwest Missouri to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone

    Would love to get some input on how many days to take for this and any unique sites. Thanks

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    Default Days or weeks ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think it's more a case of how much time can dedicate to the trip and what type of 'unique' sites you would be interested in, perhaps you could share more details with us ? It's at least a 2 day drive in each direction without sight seeing and you really want at least 3 days to do Yellowstone justice, it's a huge park and the getting around is slow. So 1 week would make an out and back trip possible with time to enjoy the park, (8 days with Mt Rushmore would be better) 2 weeks you could do a lot more and so on. You should also make finding lodgings a priority once you know your plans, it's a short season and an extremely popular place. Certainly look at a different route in each direction, perhaps going via Badlands NP and the Black Hills (Mt Rushmore) and exiting via the Grand Tetons and down through Rawlins, if you had time you could visit Rocky mountain NP, but there are a load of options available.

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    Glad you're in NW MO. The central portion in Jefferson City and Eldon sure took a beating last night.

    But I would agree with SWDave -- 3 days to do Yellowstone, it takes 1/2 day at Mount Rushmore but it's 45 minutes one way from the freeway (90). That area is just beautiful -- Custer State Park, Wind Cave, both worth a good tour if you love natural beauty.


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    Thank you for the input! We all love nature and the youngest traveling with us would be 13 and we are planning on 10 days total.

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    Default Putting Flesh on the Bones

    Donna and Dave gave you a good framework around which to build your trip, but needed more information before they could offer much concrete advice. Now with a little more knowledge we can start putting some specifics on that framework. Ten days is an adequate, but not over-abundant amount of time for the trip you're proposing. It means, very roughly, that you're going to be spending about half your time in the car traveling, and about half your time actually visiting a few of the many amazing sites along the way.

    To start with, let's look at the first leg: NW Missouri to Yellowstone. I chose Conception MO for my planning, but anywhere else nearby will be essentially the same trip. I'd plan on taking 2˝ to three days to get to Yellowstone. You could do it in two days of steady driving, but taking a little time will allow for stops along the way and a chance to get everyone out of the car for some exercise and 'alone' time. Don't underestimate that last bit. In any event, your route would be I-80 west to Rawlins WY and then US-287/US-26/US-191 up to Yellowstone. Now I-80 follows the route of the old Oregon Trail so there will be lots of historical interest along it. And breaking up what would otherwise be two long days in the car will help keep everybody on speaking terms.

    Yellowstone to Mount Rushmore can be done in a day, even with a short break or two along the way. And that would be good. With the number of things to see and do in the Mount Rushmore area, you'll need to pick carefully, but among the options besides Mount Rushmore are Wind Cave, Jewel Cave, Badlands National Park, and the Crazy Horse Memorial. But you will have to budget your time carefully. You'll need to leave the Rapid City area sometime in the late afternoon of the day before you have to be home to have a comfortable day-and-a-half drive back to Missouri. It's really too far to try to do in a day. But it's just I-90 to Sioux Falls, I-29 down into southeastern Nebraska and your favorite route home from there.

    As you can see from the above, the more you can tell us about the limits on your trip and what you want to accomplish, the more help we can be.


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    Im glad I found this thread. Ive been planning on going to Yellowstone for some time now but I guess Ill be doing it until after the pandemic ends. Thanks for the advice! I cant wait to buy some of those national parks window decal.

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    Default Welcome.

    Welcome to RTA parkhopper !

    If you want any help in planning your trip you can start your own thread and ask any specific questions. We are all in the same boat at the moment but it doesn't hurt to plan and dream of the adventures ahead of us ! This is a thread of our own trip to Yellowstone if you care to look.


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