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    Exclamation Narrow Keyword Search Tool -- Brand New: December 17th

    These directions are related to the maps found under the Advanced Maps page.

    To Find an RTA Library Map that you can use and/or customize for planning your trip:

    1. Look at the left-hand side of this page (When you are on the Advanced Maps page) You will see a box labeled "RTA Maps Library." Scroll through the list until you find one that interests you. Hint: The first word in the map name is a geographic designation that makes it easier to browse the list. An example is the word "West," as in "West AZ-NM SST 1 Van Horn to Las Cruces."

    2. Use the Keyword search box. A search term must be at least three letters long. You can use state names or towns or whatever you wish. If an RTA Library Map exists that includes that keyword, it will appear in the "RTA Maps" list in the box directly below the RTA Maps Library. (Note: When the map pane first loads, only the attractions appear on the map. But if you click on the map link in the "RTA Maps" list, the map (blue line and attractions) will load in the map pane.

    3. There is another button "Narrow Search" that can be used to refine the keyword search. Once the Keyword Search has run, you will see a list of maps and attractions, you can narrow the search results to find what you are looking for. As an example: A keyword search for California returns lots attractions and maps -- So enter lodging and click Narrow Search -- this could be further refined by entering desert in keyword search box and so forth.

    4. Use the vicinity search. Identify a search radius in miles and then click the map pane and you will find any RTA Library Maps within that radius. Look for "Search for RTA Library Maps within".

    The Narrow Search tool was added today.

    Check it out!

    Last edited by Mark Sedenquist; 12-18-2019 at 08:32 AM. Reason: added clarification of the instructions -- tip of the hat to glc for pointing this out

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