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    We are on the way from WA State to Charlotte, NC and are currently in Butte, MT. It started to snow the other day and caught us with a whiteout when we thought we could get away with hitting a few mild bands of snow (dumb, I know). I am getting some winter tires put on the car tomorrow (a RWD) which currently has all seasons and does terrible in the snow. Our choice is to go down I 15 or take I 90. We'd like to avoid as much snow and ice on the road as possible and will only be driving during the warmest daylight hours 11am-4pm or so. The temps are supposed to be good (40 degrees). Can you give us some advice or suggest other routes? We are in no real hurry, we have even thought about turning around, but managed to leave before the coronavirus spread in force and don't want to go back to our home, one of the hardest hit areas in the country so far. Thanks everyone!

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    I think your best course of action is to not overreact to one weather event.

    Based on the quick look at the forecasts, I don't see any snow or bad weather expected anywhere in Montana today, nor do I see anything that should cause significant issues for the next couple days.

    I-15 doesn't really solve any problems either, as you'd still be dealing with lots of elevation across Wyoming or going hundreds of miles out of your way to go even farther south (which would add lots of time, and could still see snow).

    So, if I were you, I would stick to I-90 and just focus on continuing to make progress. Stopping for snow tires probably is a too little, too late move at this point that's only going to end up taking up time and money, that's unlikely to provide any real benefit moving forward (presuming you weren't planning to spend more than a few days getting across Montana and the Dakotas. While it's not to say you couldn't see snow beyond there, at least you'd be at a lower elevation and any snow event would likely be cleared within a day and you could simply sit out that bad weather at a hotel.

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    General picture is it looks like you'll soon be at the beginning of a bubble of better weather that will be sweeping NW to SE across the country. You can follow the bubble.

    Aviation weather- surface forecasts you can step thru every 6 hrs

    Also has a precip map for each quarter of the county that can be stepped thru if you use the 10 day forecast feature. Map is about halfway down. You can step thru that.
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