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    Oh well, so much for Joplin being in good shape. We now have 152 cases and 2 deaths, 31 of the cases and both deaths were at a nursing home.

    No general mask ordinance yet, but this will probably be revisited soon when they figure out how to enforce it, they already "strongly encourage" everyone wear one when away from their home. They already require everyone in service industries to wear them when near customers.

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    Exclamation A key measure of how fast the virus is growing.

    So, here is the latest reporting tool that I think has some validity and could be helpful when providing advice to would-be road trippers.

    This was developed by a software group that worked on Instagram. The data report is called:

    Rt COVID-19

    Rt, according to this group, is a key measure of how fast the virus is growing. It’s the average number of people who become infected by an infectious person. If Rt is above 1.0, the virus will spread quickly. When Rt is below 1.0, the virus will stop spreading.

    As of this date, the rate of infection spread is the highest in the state of Nevada, but many of the western and southern states have Rt values almost as high.

    The 10 states with the highest rate of spread as of today are:

    Nevada @ 1.56

    Wyoming @ 1.39
    Florida @ 1.34
    Idaho @ 1.33
    Hawaii @ 1.31
    Oklahoma @ 1.31
    Montana @ 1.31
    Wisconsin @ 1.29
    West Virginia @ 1.19
    Louisiana @ 1.16

    Each state breakout shows rate of infection relative to the period of shelter-in-place and other key data.

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    Default Mask up! This means YOU!

    Sorry to hear that, George, but the way people move around, I guess it was bound to happen. As I'm sure you all know, my home state of Arizona has been making the national news pretty much every night over the alarming progression of the disease here. Early on, we were doing pretty well, so much so that people stopped taking the virus seriously, and when our Governor "re-opened" the state in mid-May, two weeks ahead of his original schedule, a LOT of people, especially younger people, took that as meaning the whole crisis was over. They jammed into bars and night clubs like it was New Year's Eve; none of them were wearing masks, they most certainly weren't keeping their distance from each other, and what with all the laughing and singing and hollering that happens when people drink, it was a recipe for disaster. And not just the bars; stores, parks, pools, everywhere, you looked, people were ignoring the CDC guidelines. Old guys like me, sitting on the sidelines, watched all this happening, and we knew darned well what was going to happen next. Since Arizona's re-opening, the number of active cases in the state has literally exploded, and our hospitals are now approaching their surge capacity.

    Masks and social distancing are critical, and these eminently sensible precautions have absolutely nothing to do with politics, freedom of speech, or Constitutional rights. When Arizona's stay-at-home order ended, wearing of masks in public spaces was "recommended." Based on what I saw personally, well over half the population interpreted that as meaning "optional;" and not just no, but "Hell, no!" It's hot here, and masks are uncomfortable, so people would get downright angry at the mere mention of a mask mandate. Now that our state is in serious trouble, all that has changed. There are ordinances pretty much everywhere making face coverings mandatory, and many businesses bar entry to anyone not wearing a mask. From what I'm seeing? I don't think too many people are angry about it anymore.


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    Default It is beginning to get scary once again.

    It is reasonably hot in Las Vegas too. In my personal experience, most of the locals are doing everything they can to limit the spread of the virus. Face masks on just about everyone I see (except for tourists).

    It is beginning to get scary once again.

    Hang in there, everyone!


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