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    Default Now is a good time to do some reading of some great guidebooks!

    As a book publisher (Imbrifex Books) we've cancelled all events through the end of June -- and perhaps beyond. These events have been in the planning stages for more than a year.

    Now is a good time to do some reading of some great guidebooks!

    The Local Angler, Fly Fishing Austin & Central Texas by Aaron Reed

    RoadTrip America, Arizona & New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips by Rick Quinn

    Base Camp Denver: 101 Hikes in Colorado's Front Range by Pete KJ

    Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the Southwest by Deborah Wall

    Roads From the Ashes -- the 20th Anniversary edition with photos by Megan Edwards

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    Default Buy one now and beat the rush!

    When all this is over, and people's lives return to some version of normal that doesn't involve mandatory staying at home, we're all going to need a vacation. A lot of folks (myself included) are going to be more wary than ever of the packed-tight crowds at airports and the hermetically sealed confines of passenger planes. I'm thinking that between the inevitable rise of aviophobia and the ongoing fall in the price of gasoline, Road Tripping is going to enjoy an unprecedented resurgence in popularity.

    There might even be panic buying of guide books! Best grab your copy of Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips before the last of them disappears off the shelf--just like all the 'bathroom tissue!' (I know what you're thinking--but no, don't even try it. The high quality paper is much too slick ;-)

    Hang in there, everybody--and stay safe!


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