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One other thing you need to keep in mind as you plan your trip is that in Alaska in July, there will literally be no night. The sun will set in Anchorage and (barely) in Fairbanks, but in both cases you will only get twilight, not real black sky night, and only a few hours at most. Even in the 'south' (Anchorage) the sun will be above the horizon for 18 out of 24 hours. Plan on making the most of those 'evening' hours to get as much sleep as you can.

Another thing is that, while you still need to get adequate sleep (particularly for whoever is driving, since they have to be awake to do so, unlike those on the bus/train tours who can grab a nap while riding), the long daylight hours do also allow you to see more than you would many places.

For instance, while the bus tours going into Denali can be 8 or more hours (depending on how far you want to go into the park on the 90ish mile road, which is mostly dirt/stone and sharp turns, so speeds are slow), they will start as early as 5am
Thus you can have an 8 hour tour and still be done by early afternoon, allowing for you to work in something else as well, which would not be feasible in too many places you travel to with more "normal" days.