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  1. Default Champaign, IL to Texas Spring Break with teenagers Road Trip

    Hi all,
    I am a new member of this site. I would like to ask for assistance with the following road trip plan (not concrete yet but roughly what we want to see:

    Day 1 Champaign, IL to some where on the way to Dallas, TX, spent the night at a hotel (looking for recommendation where should we stop and see any attraction must see along the way)
    Day 2 Sight seeing in Dallas, stay the night
    Day 3 sight seeing in Dallas, late lunch then start driving to Austin, spend the night in Austin
    Day 4: Sight seeing in Austin
    Day 5: early driving to Hill Country, have lunch and touring here (looking for recommendation on where a must stop and good place to eat). Late afternoon, travel to San Antonio for dinner and spend the night
    Day 6: see missions in San Antonio, spend the night in San Antonio
    Day 7: driving to Houston for 1 night then heading back to Champaign IL, with 1 night somewhere. or should we just have to go back to IL at this point?

    Could you please see if this itinerary is doable in 9 days, or should we cut back one place out (Houston). Also any place we should spend more time and less in other. We have not traveled in Texas before but have done road trips to other parts of the country.

    Thank you in advances,

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Champaign to Dallas is easily done in 2 days. Most efficient route is I-57 to I-70 to I-44 to US-69. Best place to spend the night would be here in Joplin, most of the hotels are right off Exit 8. If you give me a budget figure per room I can make specific hotel recommendations.

    Houston to Champaign will take a bit longer but still possible in 2 days. Take US-59/US-259/TX-315/US-59/I-30/I-40/I-55/I-57. Looks like best overnight would be somewhere between Texarkana and Little Rock, there are hotels just off the Interstate at the Arkadelphia and Rockport exits. If you had an extra day you could spend a day in Hot Springs.

    The rest of your itinerary looks quite doable.

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    Default Making the Most of It

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    Your trip is, indeed, quite doable in the sense that you have time enough to make the daily drives and can even afford to make a stop or two along even the major day legs. But as for stops that might be right for you, that depends on your interests (which we've got just a taste of from your itinerary) and your route(s). It's the second matter I'd like to address first.

    You've got a great chance here to make this a complete loop and not cover the same ground twice. Between Champaign and Dallas you can go through St. Louis, the Ozarks and eastern Oklahoma on your way. That would give you a good mix of urban, scenic and historic options for things to see. Then on the way back from Houston up through east Texas, across Arkansas to Memphis and up the Mississippi and some of its tributaries in central Illinois. Such a route would again be a mix of rural and urban, and offer varying landscapes as well as natural and historic venues, even a National Park: Hot Springs.

    Southbound, halfway would be somewhere in the Joplin MO/Tulsa OK area, so you'd have your choice of urban, roadside, or even countryside accommodations. Northbound, halfway would be roughly Little Rock AK. Again, lots of lodging choices depending on how far close to or far from the city you want to spend the night.

    One other thing to consider. On your shorter intrastate legs, Austin to San Antonio and San Antonio to Houston, look at using some 'back' roads rather than the Interstates so as to get a taste for what Texas is really like. US-90 would be a good option Between San Antonio and Houston. There's no such direct highway between Austin and San Antonio, but the Texas 'Farm to Market' road system (those roads with four digit numbers) is excellent and I've even seen a case where the speed limit was higher on them than on the Interstate.

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