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  1. Default Fort Lauderdale to Minneapolis, MN in a 26 Foot Uhaul

    My husband will be traveling Fort Lauderdale to Minneapolis, MN in a 26 Foot Uhaul. Looking to find him the safest route. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    The safest routes would be mostly interstate driving, as these are the backbone of our transportation nation. That said, he can use most any route to get him from Fort Lauderdale over to I-75. Then take that up to Chattanooga, where he picks up I-24. In Illinois, he picks up I-57 to take him to I-74 west to I-39 north. This avoids all large cities except Atlanta. I'd advise him to NOT go through that at Rush Hour.

    This is about 1775 miles, which in a U-Haul is going to be 4 days of around 445 miles per day. The rig is going to be slower than a regular vehicle, as the larger lumbering trucks take a bit longer to 'get up to speed'. He will also need a day of "maneuvering time" if the proposed route is a bit snowy (more likely, north of Chattanooga), and of course a day to load and a day to unload. U-Haul in my area was willing to throw in an extra day and a few extra miles (better than paying almost $1 extra per mile) in the event we had to go around a storm.


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