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    hi, first time on here so apologies if i am asking questions that have been asked before!
    In June me and my hubby are flying from London to New Orleans and have 3 weeks to get from there to Las Vegas. Currently the only fixed points in our trip are 4 nights in NOLA and the last 3 nights in Las Vegas. We really would like to spend more than a couple of days in and around the Grand Canyon as we both love exploring the "great outdoors". We would also like to divert onto Route 66 for a small part of the journey, but apart from that the route is open and we would love some advise on places not to be missed so that we can try to plan our route. We prefer the outdoors to the city, so didn't want to only do city to city but would rather see some of the natural amazing sites

    Any suggestions of route would be very welcome, as this really is the trip of a lifetime

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    Welcome to RTA, and it sounds like you could plan a great trip with that much time. Many of the regulars here also prefer the outdoors and fantastic scenery, to cities (which do seem to all look alike after a time), so you're in the right place.

    One thing that we often recommend to folks just starting to plan, is to get a map of the USA (such as the Rand McNally atlas) and start flagging things that sound interesting to you. Between NO and LV, other than the Grand Canyon, I can see Big Bend National Park (which could be quite hot in June), Saguaro National Park (ditto), Petrified Forest National Park (not quite so hot), all of the national parks in Utah (the mighty five: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches), Natural Bridge National Monument in Utah -- all would be reachable. You may not be able to do everything I just listed, because you need time to drive between points (the US is huge) and then time to explore -- at least a day at each of those.


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    thanks Donna, it all sounds great, i will definitely get a map and do that :-)

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    Default A large map.

    If you are able to get a wall sized, detailed map of the United Staes, you'd find the overall planning tons easier. I prefer the maps the National Geographic Publish, for all the detail they have - topography, towns, roads and naional parks. It allows you to see the all over picture. The atlas is great, and will be of immense help when you are on the road. You can probably order both direct from this sight, and have them in a couple of weeks - if not sooner.


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