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    Default Hawaii - Off Shore? Yes but no

    Hi All,

    Well it is off shore, very off shore although not of course outside of the US.

    Was it a road trip, yes although planes were involved.

    Oahu - Big Island (Hawaii) - Kauai

    Oahu - Hightlights
    4th July on the beach
    Volcano's (we were here the year before the eruption)
    Pearl Harbour

    Big Island - Highlights
    Hilo - Lovely town
    The drive from Hilo to Waimea
    Highway 250 from Kapaau to Waimea (vertigo inducing)

    Kauai - Highlights
    All of it, wow just fantastic the views and scenery

    It's a way to go, it's not a conventional road trip, but wow is it worth it

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    Default Only two maps thus far

    Actually, Hawaii, being a USA state is not considered, by us, to be Off-Shore.

    We don't have a lot of roadtrips from the Islands though. But here are a couple

    Click here for this RTA Library Map

    Click here for this RTA Library Map

    Here are some of the attractions from that map

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    I've actually done that second one, a long long time ago, before there were interstates on Oahu. Lots of things to see on that island!


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