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    Default Camping In the National Parks of Canada

    Canada's National Parks are very lovely places to camp. Some are very accessible; others are not easily reached except by plane or boat. Some of the more popular parks have a reservations system in place, as well as first-come, first-serve campgrounds. Like in the US, if you can't get a reservation, it might be a good idea to camp outside of the national park, and go in early (i.e. before 9 am) to secure a spot.

    Not all national parks have campgrounds. Though a link will be available for all parks that have them, it will be noted if there is no campground within that park.

    National Parks in Canada are generally run by one of two agencies: Parks Canada, and SEPAQ. Parks Canada runs most of them from Ontario, west. Quebec considers its parks to be “national parks”, but a separate agency, SEPAQ, runs them. You cannot use a Parks Canada annual pass in a SEPAQ park, or vice versa. If you buy an annual Parks Canada pass, they will give you a list of the parks in which you can use it. Many people have also commented that SEPAQ parks are almost like provincial parks in their amenities. A common comment is that Parks Canada has free shower buildings (though you may need to put a deposit on a key, which is returned when you return the key), but SEPAQ has coin-operated showers. Camper, beware!

    See also Camping Along the Trans-Canadian Highways

    Atlantic Provinces
    Note: Akami-Uapishk-KakKasuak-Mealy Mountains,Cape Breton Islands, Fundy, Gros Morne, Kejimkujik, Kouchibouguac, Prince Edward Island, Sable Island Reserve, Terra Nova, Torngat Mountains

    Eastern Provinces (Quebec, Ontario)
    Note: Aiguebelle, Bruce Peninsula, Forillon, Georgian Bay Islands, La Mauricie, Mingan Archipelago Reserve, Point Pelee, Pukaskwa, Rouge Urban, Thousand Islands

    Grassland Provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan)
    Note: Grasslands, Riding Mountain, Wapusk

    Rocky Mountain Provinces (Alberta)
    Note: Banff, Elk Island, Jasper, Waterton Lakes

    Northern Provinces/Territories (Nunavet, Northwest Territories)
    Aulavik, Auyuittuq, Naats'ihch'oh Reserve, Nahanni Reserve, Qausuittuq , Quittinirpaaq, Sirmilik, Thaidene Nene, Tuktut Nogait, Ukkasiksalik, Wood Buffalo

    Far West Provinces (British Columbia, Yukon)
    Note: Glacier, Gulf Islands Reserve, Gwaii Haanas Reserve, Ivvavik, Kluane National Park and Preserve, Kootenay, Mount Revelstoke, Pacific Rim, Vuntut, Yoho
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    Default Atlantic Provinces

    Akami-Uapishk-KakKasuak-Mealy Mountains (Newfoundland and Labrador)
    Note: Accessible only by helicopter or float plane. Camping not available. Watch out for bears (black and polar!) Best visited with a touring company.

    Cape Breton Highlands (Nova Scotia)

    Fundy (New Brunswick)

    Gros Morne (Newfoundland and Labrador)

    Kejimkujik (Nova Scotia)

    Kouchibouguac (New Brunswick)

    Prince Edward Island (Prince Edward Island)

    Sable Island Reserve (Nova Scotia)
    Note: Only accessible by air or by sea. See website for details regarding overnights.

    Terra Nova (Newfoundland and Labrador)

    Torngat Mountains (Newfoundland and Labrador)
    Note: Only accessible by boat, charter plane or helicopter, and during the summer.

    Other camping in the Atlantic Provinces
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    Default Grassland Provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan)

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    Default Rocky Mountain Provinces (Alberta)

    Banff (Alberta) – Canada's most visited park

    Elk Island (Alberta)

    Jasper (Alberta)

    Waterton Lakes (Alberta)
    Note: Townsite Campground, one of two main full-facilities campground for the park, is literally located in the townsite of Waterton Lakes. You can walk a lot of places in the park from the campground. Those with tents should bring secure pegs, as that wind can be pushy!
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    Default Northern Provinces/Territories (Nunavet, Northwest Territories)

    Aulavik (Northwest Territories)
    Note: Accessible only by charter aircraft. Campground not available.

    Auyuittuq (Nunavet)
    Note: Accessible only by charter aircraft. Located on Baffin Island.

    Naats'ihch'oh Reserve (Northwest Territories)
    Note: A fairly new national park near the Yukon/NWT line. No designated campgrounds. Lots of canoeing possibilities with overnights. Outfitters suggested.

    Nahanni Reserve (Northwest Territories)

    Qausuittuq (Nunavet)
    Note: Good luck getting there. Charter plane only. See website.

    Quittinirpaaq (Nunavet)
    Note: Charter plane accessible, with camping allowed. See website.

    Sirmilik (Nunavet)
    Note: See the website for more information.

    Thaidene Nene (Northwest Territories)

    Tuktut Nogait (Northwest Territories)- Canada's least visited park
    Note: This is Canada's least visited national park – 2 people in 2016-2017. You have to want to get there, because of its location near Native lands, no roads, no airstrips (private charters must land on water). There are boat charters that will take you over there. Good luck with camping on it.

    Ukkasiksalik (Nunavet)

    Wood Buffalo (Alberta/Northwest Territories)
    Note: This is Canada's largest park, but it's not easy because it's a drive! See this site for directions.
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    Default Far West Provinces (British Columbia, Yukon)

    Glacier (British Columbia)

    Gulf Islands Reserve (British Columbia)

    Gwaii Haanas Reserve (British Columbia)

    Ivvavik (Yukon)
    Note: Park is only accessible by charter plane. See website for camping details, but there is no formal campground.

    Kluane National Park and Preserve (Yukon)
    Note: One campground, accessible by car, at Kathleen Lake.

    Kootenay (British Columbia)

    Mount Revelstoke (British Columbia)

    Pacific Rim (British Columbia)

    Vuntut (Yukon)
    Note: Only accessible by air. No services here. See website for information.

    Yoho (British Columbia)

    More information about camping in the Far West Provinces

    And that's it for Canada....
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