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  1. Default San Francisco to Las Vegas in 3 days (2 nights)

    Hello everyone,
    Plan to travel from San Francisco to Las Vegas in late February for three days. We ask for your help in planning a route where we can see parks and attractions on the way without getting stuck in the snow ...
    Also, please recommend places for accommodation along the way because we want to book them now.
    Thank you for your help and recommendations ...

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    Hello and welcome to RTA!

    The 3 main options would to head down the coast and across to LV, head inland to Yosemite valley and south to Seqouia NP before heading around the southern end of the mountains or head to Lake Tahoe and south down 395 to Lone Pine and across Death valley. The 2nd and 3rd options have a greater risk of coming across snow but can also be beautiful. You could combine oarts of each trip but why not look at a map, do a little research and when you have a preferred option we can help with detail. Of course you can always wait and see what conditions are like as you travel and decide as you go.

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