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    I am planning on making a one way trip from Orlando Florida to Boise Idaho in just a few weeks, around the middle of December 2019.

    I would like some input on the best way to make this trip. I'd like to try to run into the least amount of snow as possible on the way there and preferably, stop by the Grand Canyon to see it. Other than that, this trip is just about getting to the destination. Any ideas or good route recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    You didn't mention something that is also just as important as weather: time. How much time do you have?

    By the most direct route (I-75/24/57/64/70/29/80/15/84), you're looking at 2600 miles and about 5 solid days of driving (525 miles a day or so). With daylight hours shorter, that pretty well means you'll be driving from sun-up to sun-down. Leaving an extra day in there to sit out any weather, allow at least 6 days for this route.

    Adding Grand Canyon into the mix adds a LOT: It's another 400 miles. Allowing a day to see the South Rim, and another day to drive, you're looking at 6 days of driving, a day of sightseeing, and a day to leave open, "just in case of weather". There is also a bit more 2-land road driving in going this route.

    Another question is: Are you moving and trying to drive a self-service moving truck or trailer? Or just your own car. I ask because trying to sightsee in a moving truck or with a trailer in tow is very difficult. Also factor in the Grand Canyon South Rim at 7000' and the possibility of snow.


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    Thanks for the response.

    As for time, I left it open because well, time isn't really a factor. I can take as much time as I want, however the less days I spend on the road, the less money I'll spend on hotels, etc.

    I can probably skip the Grand Canyon and just go a more direct route, it was just a thought.

    I am driving my own car, everything I own fits in it.

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    In the winter, sticking to Interstate highways is the most prudent thing to do.

    Turnpike to I-75 to I-24 to I-57 to I-64 through downtown STL to the end at Wentzville, I-70 to I-435 around KC to I-29 to IA-2/NE-2 to I-80 to I-84. If you want to plan on 5 days (assuming weather is good) look at overnights around Dalton GA, Wentzville MO, Kearney NE, and Rock Springs WY.

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    I would remain flexible with route and time and decide when you have the weather forecast a couple of days before departure, that's the only way you can plan to try and avoid snow/winter storms even though it's no guarantee. Don't try and cover too many miles early on in your trip as fatigue will likely set in, remember multi day trips are a marathon and not a sprint so pace yourself accordingly.

    Safe travels !

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