Bug Fix:

Up until today at 5:30 pm PST, if you used the search keyword tool and managed to search with a keyword that we didn't have in the list, it would result in no maps and no RAs found and any subsequent search would show the same "no results found" unless you reloaded the page. That bug has now been fixed -- you can search for any number of keywords and you never have to reload the page.

Keyword Search Enhancement

Additionally, you can now use the keyword search dozens of times in a row without reloading the page. What happens now is that if you search for "Texas" --> It loads all of the maps and RAs found with a keyword affiliation with "Texas." If you use a keyword like Oregon -- it removes the ones from Texas and loads all data affiliated with Oregon. And so on.

Now, Tom is working on some code that will allow you to do a refinement search. Example, a keyword search for "Texas" and a refined search for "saloons" found in the Texas list. Or whatever.