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    Nashville to Dallas and Dallas to El Paso are days that you won't stay under 10 hours and will likely be 12 to 13. It will be worth rethinking those legs as it will get tiresome one day on top of another and fatigue will set in.

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    Default Consider a shortcut

    Quote Originally Posted by billy999 View Post
    If I'm not towing, maybe Chicago-Nashville-Dallas-El Paso-Phoenix?

    If you do end up driving from El Paso to Phoenix without the trailer, there's a shortcut you should consider. If you follow I-10 the whole way from El Paso, that's 430 miles of seriously boring freeway that's jam packed with 18-wheelers, 24 hours a day. The alternative is really simple: when you get to Lordsburg, NM, bail off the Interstate onto US 70, follow that through Safford to Globe, and from Globe you can take US 60 all the way into Phoenix, where it reconnects with I-10. That route is not only 30 miles shorter (because it bypasses Tucson), it's ten times prettier and dramatically less crowded. As a bonus, you actually get to see a little bit of the REAL Arizona, in the small towns that pre-date the urban centers. It's a slower road, so it might cost you an extra half an hour (or more) despite the shorter distance, but in my view? It's well worth it!


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