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  1. Default Help! Road trip with brother for 6 days in Nov

    I am planning a road trip with my brother starting Nov 18 to Nov 25.
    Plan is to fly into Vegas on Nov 18. Start road trip on 19 and Fly back from Denver.
    We love driving, so do not plan to hike or spend too much time at one place. Its all about being on the road and see whats on the way without spending too much time at one spot.

    Would greatly appreciate any ideas for road trip in this area.
    I initially thought I would go till Yellow stone, which I dropped, since the roads seem to be closed during this time at Yellowstone

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I suggest you look at the Utah "Big 5" - I-15 to Zion, US-89 to Bryce Canyon, UT-12 to Capitol Reef, UT-24/I-70/US-191 to Arches and Canyonlands.

    Another possibility would be US-93/I-40/AZ-64 to Grand Canyon (South Rim), AZ-64/US-89/US-160/US-163 to Monument Valley, US-160 to Mesa Verde, US-550 (Million Dollar Highway)/US-50/US-285/US-24 to Colorado Springs (Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods).

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    You have picked a great route for driving and scenery. The 5 Utah parks as described above are great and so are the roads but as you plan to keep on the move you could start out heading to the South rim and then travel through Page AZ to start the 'Big 5'. If you go to Arches and Canyonlands rejoin 1-70 via UT128 through Castle Valley for a change of scenery. The rim drive around Colorado NM is pretty cool and so is crossing the Continental divide over Loveland pass on US6 near Dillon. If you do end up visiting a number of the National parks it will be cheaper to buy the annual pass at the first one you visit than it will to pay individual fees.

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