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    I’ve tweaked a few things to take into account the suggested route from Moab to Torrey and onto Bryce and taken a day out of Sedona to allow for that. Hopefully I haven’t got too confused along the way but if you could sense check the revised itinerary and shout out if there are any huge mistakes/misunderstandings and on my part or any further suggestions. Thanks again

    Thurs 17/9 Day 1 Arrive Denver International Airport And drive to Boulder.

    Fri 18/9Day 2 From Boulder Drive peak to peak highway to Estes park. Stay Estes park. (57 miles 90 mins) (119 and 72 w) (4 seasons inn at Fall River)

    Sat 19/9 Day 3 RMNP That would give you some time to explore the east side of RMNP around the Bear Lake area (lovely scenery and nice walks). (4 seasons inn)

    Sun 20/9 Day 4 leave Estes park and drive trail ridge way. (80 miles) CHECK TRAIL RIDGE IS OPEN! use US-40 over Berthoud Pass to get to I-70. Then you can take US-6 over Loveland Pass instead of using the tunnel on I-70.)and and then onto Glenwood springs 200 miles. (Glenwood springs Inn)
    Stop at the continental divide for a picture either at trail ride way or Loveland pass.
    Stop at buffalo bills museum and grave??.
    Take a dip in one of the hot springs just two blocks east or west of the hotel.

    Mon 21/9 Day 5 Glenwood to Grand junction (colorado national monument) (140 miles) Consider detour off to rifle falls and onto Moab (110 miles) (Grand junction to Moab get off the i70 if you haven’t already and then take highway 6 and then MUST DRIVE the very scenic 128 FILL UP GAS BEFORE YOU LEAVE GRAND JUNCTION - STAY MOAB (total drive 250 miles 5 hours +) (Adventure Inn)

    Tues 22/9 Day 6 MOAB (adventure inn)
    MOAB 2 national parks (ARCHES and Canyonlands)

    Wed 23/9 Day 7 From Moab take 191 S to 95W in Blanding, pass Natural Bridges Natl Monument, cross Glenn Canyon, 24W at Hanksville, through Capitol Reef NP to 12 S in Torrey. (Stay in a teepee in Capitol reef resort??)

    Thurs 24/9 Day 8 drive from Torrey to Bryce. UT12 120 miles allow 4 hours. Stay around Bryce??

    Fri 25/9 Day 9 Bryce to page 2 hours 151 miles stay around page (antelope canyon, horseshoe bend)

    Sat 26/9 Day 10 Drive from page to monument valley stay at the view or Goulding’s. 130 miles 2 hours (check out 89a??)

    Sun 27/9 Day 11 monument valley (take a guided jeep tour)

    Mon 28/9 Day 12 monument valley to Grand Canyon south rim
    stay at el Tovar? Check out Cameroon trading post? 213 miles 4 hours toll road???)

    Tues 29/9 Day 13 Grand Canyon

    We’d 30/9 Day 14 drive Grand Canyon to Sedona. (100 miles) Take 180 and 89a things to do include painted desert , sunset crater volcano , visit Jerome (Wild West ghost town) walnut canyon, Winslow (take it easy eagles) (2hours)

    Thurs 1/10 Day 15 sedona

    Fri 2/10 Day 16 Sedona to Scottsdale (consider a day of driving to take the scenic way and avoid Phoenix by going through tonto forest take 260 to payson then 188 towards globe.
    TAKE APACHE TRAIL AZ88 from Theodore Roosevelt dam pass tortilla flats and on to apache junction. (STAY AROUND THERE FOR THE NIGHT???) SCOTTSDALE?? 213 miles 5 hours

    Sat 3/10 Day 17 Scottsdale to tucson (125 miles) 2 hours

    Sun 4/10 Day 18 tucson

    Mon 5/10 Day 19 Tucson to Bisbee take the 80 to tombstone (western Movie stuff) ok coral shoot out site. 100 miles and then onto Bisbee 25 miles. Stay around Bisbee. (2hours)

    Tues 6/10 Day 20 leave Bisbee head for hatch (chilli capital of the world) and then travel to Alamogordo. (White sands np) 332 miles. 5 hours+ stay at around Alamogordo

    Wed 7/10 Day 21 Alamogordo to old town alberque drive turquoise trail on to Santa Fe (325 miles) CHECK OUT ALBERQUQUE BALLOON FESTIVAL DATES AND CONSIDER GOING 361 5 hours 33.

    Thurs 8/10 Day 22 Santa Fe.

    Fri 9/10 Day 23 Santa Fe to Texas (possible stops Amarillo, Lubbock buddy holly (300 miles) Carlsbad. 313 miles 5 hours

    Sat 10/10 Day 24 Lubbock to San Antonio (the Alamo) riverwalk (400 miles) (detour to Bandera on the way?? Encountering cowboys is a sure thing in Ban- dera, the self-proclaimed “Cowboy Capital of the World.” An hour before San Antonio, Bandera boasts a quaint downtown with wild west character. Look for details like the bar stools made from Western saddles at O.S.T. Restaurant. For live country and western music and lots of cowboy character, check out Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar Saloon or the 11th Street Cowboy Bar, where you are likely to see a horse tied-up outside.) 5 hours plus

    Sun 11/10 Day 25 San Antonio (visit the city’s newest culinary epi- center, Pearl, housed in and on the retrofitted grounds of the 1883 Pearl Brewery, or visit the shops and restaurants of Historic Market Square, featuring the oldest Mexican market north of the Rio Grande.)

    Monday 12/10 Day 26 San Antonio to Austin 100 miles (2 hours) (take the scenic route in Texas hill country DO NOT TAKE I35. )
    Look at 281 north from San Antonio and then 290 through Dripping Springs. You could detour a little on 290 to LBJ Ranch and maybe stop at a winery, or shopping in Johnson City.

    A true foodie destination, Austin is where people eagerly wait in lines for bar- becue, and where a food truck could hold the next big dining trend. No trip here would be complete without a taste of its signature dish: barbecue. Local favorites include Franklin Barbecue, La Barbecue, Micklethwait and Black’s

    Not to be missed activities include bat watch- ing at the Congress Avenue Bridge. After sunset, 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats take flight to find dinner.

    Tues 13/10 Day 27 Austin

    We’d 14/10 Day 28 drive to Dallas (218 miles) 3 hours. Drop car off at rental stay downtown

    Thurs 15/10:Day 29 Dallas Texas state fair. Take train direct to state fairgrounds

    Day 30 Friday 16th OCTOBER RODEO AT NIGHT
    DURING THE DAYTIME VISIT JFK MUSEUM DEALY PLAZA AND perhaps TAKE A TOUR OUT TO SOUTHFORK pick up baseball caps for will (the Texas Rangers play baseball at Globe Life Park., also Houston astros) THEN GO TO HOTEL IN FORT WORTH ......take the TRE train to downtown Fort Worth's ITC station, and then get on the TexRail train to the Northside station. Have the hotel shuttle pick you up at the station. Spend the rest of the day in the Stockyards, and go to the rodeo in the evening. On Saturday morning, have the hotel shuttle take you back to the TexRail station, and ride the train back to DFW Airport. (The hotel I verified has a shuttle is the Hyatt Place)

    No matter what time of year you visit Fort Worth,*you can always catch a rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights at the Cowtown Coliseum, an indoor arena in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. Stockyards Championship Rodeo The world’s only year round rodeo every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00 pm in the historic Fort Worth Cowtown Coliseum.

    Day 31 Saturday 17th OCTOBER Take train or cab from hotel to airport Fly Dallas to florida.

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    Please don't fall into the Google Trap of expecting their driving times to be accurate. Those times are in a perfect world -- no traffic, assuming you can drive the speed limit every single minute, no account for construction or accidents, and of course they don't include your pit stops, food stops or stopping at a scenic viewpoint. A good rule of thumb is 1 hour for every 50 miles you drive, on US- or state- highways with no scenic viewpoints to take in. If you are taking a scenic drive, count on *maybe* 40 mph. It's better to take your time and arrive early, IMHO, because you've allowed more time than you need.

    You might want to set up your tour of Southfork ahead of time, so that you don't get out there (it's about 30 miles out of town) and find out the tours are already fully booked for the day. (That happened to friends of mine.) Nice to meet another "Dallas" (TV show) fan!, though I've yet to go out to Southfork. (I loved Larry Hagman.) If for some reason you cannot get a tour of Southfork, an alternate would be to drive out to Weatherford. There is the home where Larry grew up, and in town there is a statue dedicated to his mother, Mary Martin, the original stage Peter Pan, and another of Larry Hagman as JR. His father, Ben Hagman, is also buried in a cemetery in Weatherford. (His father did not live to see Larry on I Dream of Jeannie.)


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    Default Some pointers.

    Stop at buffalo bills museum and grave??
    This would be to much on day 4 and a bit out of the way. I think you have enough to enjoy along the route.

    Stay around Bryce??
    Rubys Inn is nice and right by the entrance to the park.

    We’d 30/9 Day 14 drive Grand Canyon to Sedona. (100 miles) Take 180 and 89a things to do include painted desert , sunset crater volcano , visit Jerome (Wild West ghost town) walnut canyon, Winslow (take it easy eagles) (2hours)
    All these things would add up to over 350 miles with little time to see any of them so you will have to be selective. Sunset crater, Walnut canyon and Slide rock State park on 89a would make a lovely relaxed day with time to enjoy yourselves.

    Fri 2/10 Day 16 Sedona to Scottsdale. TAKE APACHE TRAIL AZ88 from Theodore Roosevelt dam pass tortilla flats and on to apache junction. (STAY AROUND THERE FOR THE NIGHT???) SCOTTSDALE??
    Heading to Roosevelt there is Tonto Natural bridge State park and near the Lake is Tonto National Monument. I would likely stay around Roosevelt lake or Apache Junction and avoid Scottsdale as it appears to be just an overnight stop.

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