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  1. Default Laredo to Seattle february 2020

    Hello everyone
    Me, a friend and her dog are driving from Laredo to Seattle on February and will like to know if you have any suggestions of routes and if there are any chances of driving trough snow,
    Google maps put the routes trough 285, 64 and then 84 to Portland and the Seattle

    what are the best routes to take from laredo to seattle?
    any suggestions?
    we are planning on doing it in 5 days wˇif weather allows it

    Thanks in advance

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    I have read a lot about how to get from california to seattle and the differences beyween I5 and 101 but havent find any about driving from Laredo to Seattle.
    Also, do we need to carry chains?
    Is there a lot of snow in February.
    I have read that the bad months are march and april so travelling in february, mids or last, doesnt seem like a bad idea.
    We have no rush but need to buy a plain ticket back to TX so it has to be done in a timeframe

    We should just follow google maps?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I'm going to go against what others may say, but I would take a route that uses mostly Interstate highways and avoids the Rocky Mountains, even though it's 350 miles longer than what Google suggests. This will take every bit of 5 days. There is a possibility you will need chains, but if the roads are that bad, just get off, find a hotel, and wait it out, I wouldn't buy chains. If you are not experienced with driving in ice and snow, don't do it, allow for extra days.

    Go up to Fort Stockton to get on I-10 west.
    Take I-10 to Casa Grande, then go west on I-8 to AZ-85. (This is a Phoenix bypass)
    Take AZ-85 north to get back on I-10 west.
    At San Bernardino, take I-215 north to I-15 to Hesperia to US-395 north. (This is a L.A. bypass)
    Take US-395 to CA-58, take that west to Bakersfield.
    Take CA-99 north to CA-46 west to I-5 north to Seattle.

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    If you take the Google maps directed route you will encounter snow at least beside the road if not on it. I-84 thru the Blue Mountains in Oregon was a real challenge the one time I drove that route going from Colo to Seattle for Christmas.

    February is a COLD month in the mountain west. It may or may not snow in any given week.

    Be sure your vehicle is prepared for COLD. That is, coolant with antifreeze to the right strength, tires with good tread depth, and windshield washer fluid for COLD ( -20F) - winter blend. (not tap water though they might not even sell the winter blend fluid in Laredo!)

    Bring a snow brush and an ice scraper. Be sure your wiper blades are nearly new and that your battery is nearly new. (imagine starting the engine at 0F)

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    I'm going to completely agree with GLC. Unless the weather is completely clear with no snow, the I-10/I-5 way (with the routes around Phoenix and Los Angeles) will be the better bet. The only issues might be Tejon Pass (north of Los Angeles) and the Siskiyou Pass on the CA/OR state line. But I-10 and I-5 are major roads for truckers, and they become priorities to keep clear.


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