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  1. Default Roadtrip from Pagosa Springs, CO to Las Vegas

    Hello all. I am new to this website. I am a member of several other travel sites and always appreciate the great advice I get.

    We are headed to Las Vegas for a few days then on to the LA area. We're leaving from our vacation home in Pagosa Springs, CO. Nov 2nd.

    We have tentatively planned on going the route 160/89 up through Utah, staying over night in Kanab, then down 15 to Vegas. As this is showing the shortest route (time wise). The other option was route 160 then south on 89 to Flagstaff then I40 west.

    Just wondering if we take the first option through Utah, what kind of road conditions will we have. 2 lane, construction, etc. We figured this would be the most scenic route. We are wanting to get into Vegas fairly early. On our way home from Cali to Okla, we may stop off in Vegas and do some national parks on our way home.

    Then we'll leave Vegas and head further West to the Los Angeles area on 15.

    Your thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For starters, the vast majority of the roads you'll be using between Pagosa Springs and Las Vegas, other than Interstate 15, are going to be simple two lane (one lane in each direction) roads because that's all they need to be. You will not be seeing a lot of traffic along this drive and speed limits will generally be in the 65 mph range. One of the best sources for current construction info I know of is the US Dept. of Transportation which has links to each of the state DOT sites.

    I applaud your decision to take two days for the drive to Las Vegas. Many would just look at the 'estimated' drive times given out by on-line mapping routines and assume that it could be done in a single day. But it would be a very long day, especially considering that you've got to start by crossing the Rockies. Besides, this land is just too beautiful to rush through.

    I would suggest, however, that you at least consider taking County Road 'G' from US-160/491 south of Cortez CO towards Hovenweep National Monument (NM), continuing on County Road 5068, Ismay Trading Post Road, in Utah to Aneth, and then UT-162 west to US-191 south to rejoin US-160. While this is a bit off the beaten path, and the road quality is not as good as staying on US-160 all the way, it will take you past both Canyon of the Ancients NM and Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, a few places that Hollywood has used many times to depict "The West".

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Either one of these 2 routes should take about the same amount of time, the second one is about 25 miles longer:

    1. US-160 to AZ-98 to Page, US-89 to Kanab, Alt-89 to Fredonia, AZ-389/UT-59 to UT-9 to I-15 to LV.

    2. US-160 to US-89 to Flagstaff, I-40 to Kingman, US-93 to LV.

    The first route is probably more scenic, the weather forecast looks good for that time frame, roads should be clear and dry. You will need an overnight stop, suggest St. George or Kingman to get you into LV early the next day.

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    Thanks guys for all the suggestions and info. Much appreciated. We will definitely look into these routes.

    I think we have decided tho to stay in Kanab instead of driving further to St George. Should only be a 3 1/2 hr drive which is doable even tho we may stop to sight see. We'll get an early start. ;)

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