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    Default California's Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1)

    Public campgrounds along the famous Pacific Coast Highway, AKA CA-1, are plentiful. Most are located on or near the beach. For the purposes of this post, we will begin on the north end, at Leggett, and proceed southward, ending at I-5 in Dana Point, CA. North to south is the best way to travel on this highway if your purpose is to catch some great shoreline scenery, because the scenic lookouts will be on the right-hand side of the road. Don't be in a hurry on this road; if you are, you're better off taking either US-101 or I-5, as the road is not conducive to high speed travel. Most of the campgrounds are either state parks or state beaches, which fill very quickly during the summer months. Reservations are highly recommended!

    MacKerricher State Park, Cleone

    Russian Gulch State Park, Mendocino
    Note: Maximum trailer and motorhome length: 24'

    Van Damme State Park, Albion/Little River
    Note: Trailers/motorhome drivers should park at the regular parking lot first to look at a temporary bridge. Approach is everything!

    Sonoma Coast State Beach, Bodega Bay
    Note: Maximum lengths, 31 ft.

    Doran Park, Sonoma County Park, Bodega Bay

    Westside Park, Sonoma County Park, Bodega Bay

    Tomales Bay State Park, Point Reyes

    Samuel P Taylor State Park, Lagunitas
    Note: Maximum trailer length is 27', motorhome length is 31'.

    Point Reyes National Seashore Campgrounds
    Note: The Nat'l Seashore only offers backcountry camping; no drive-up. Try Tomales Bay State Park, Taylor, or the Mount Tamalpais State Park campgrounds.

    Mount Tamalpais State Park Campgrounds
    Note: Pantoll and Bootjack Campgrounds are drive-in. Others are hike-in or boat-in.

    Golden Gate National Recreation Area Campground
    Note: Kirby Cove is the only drive-in campground; all others are hike-in.

    Half Moon Bay State Park, Half Moon Bay

    Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Davenport
    Note: You must use Hwy 9 to access the campground.

    New Brighton State Park, Capitola

    Seacliff State Beach, Aptos

    Manresa State Beach, south of Aptos
    Note: Camping is for tents only.

    Pfieffer Big Sur State Park, Big Sur
    Note: Trailer length limit 27', motorhome length limit 32 ft. Also note that there is no access to Pfeiffer Beach from this park. That is a separate park and a separate admission is charged, not a state park.

    Limekiln State Park, Big Sur
    Note: Trailer length limit 15', motorhome length limit 24 ft.

    Prewitt Ridge Campground, Big Sur
    Note: Inquire locally, as there is no listing for this campground in the Los Padres NF website or any other reliable site. Several of the less reliable sites say it's primitive and free, with a view. The drive up there is hard on sedans and other non-SUV type vehicles, so beware.

    Plaskett Creek Campground, Los Padres NF, Lucia

    Alder Creek Campground, Los Padres NF
    Note: Located 8 miles from the PCH on Willow Creek Road.

    Hearst San Simeon State Park, San Simeon
    Note: Two campgrounds.

    Morro Bay State Park, Morro Bay

    Pismo State Beach, Pismo Beach
    Note: Two campgrounds. Maximum trailer length 31', motorhome 35'.

    CA-1 joins US-101 from Las Cruces to Oxnard

    Point Mugu State Park, Point Mugu
    Note: Two campgrounds, maximum length of trailers & motorhomes is 31'.

    Leo Carrillo State Beach, Malibu
    Note: Maximum length of trailers and motorhomes is 31'

    Malibu Creek State Park, Malibu
    Note: About 7 miles from the PCH. Many films and TV shows have used this park for location shooting, but sadly, wild fires have taken most of the evidence away.

    Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington Beach

    Doheny State Beach, Dana Point

    Now, follow US-101 again down to San Diego - it runs concurrently with I-5.
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    Default California's Shasta-Trinity Scenic Drives, Looped

    The Shasta-Trinity Alps Loop is a beautiful and a wonderful place for a summer trip within easy access from the Bay Area (CA) and Portland (OR). There are many opportunities for camping, boating, and hiking in this area. My husband and I took one of our very first vacations here after moving to California years ago, camping in this area with a tent.

    The route: Take I-5 to Redding CA. Take CA-299 west from Redding, then CA-3 north as far as Yreka on I-5, a little further north on I-5, then CA-96 west/southwest to Willow Creek, where you catch CA-299 east to Redding again.

    Part of the route description here

    Whiskeytown Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area

    Steel Bridge Campground, BLM, Trinity River, Douglas City

    Rush Creek Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, 8 mi north of Weaverville

    Tannery Gulch Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, 12 mi north of Weaverville

    Bridge Camp Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, Trinity Center

    Bushy Tail Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, Trinity Center

    Minersville Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, Trinity Center
    Note: No water or restrooms. But there is still a charge.

    Hayward Flat Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, Trinity Center

    Preacher Meadow Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, Trinity Center
    Note: Personal experience with this campground, albeit many years ago. Nice to see it's still popular with trail hikers heading up the Swift Creek Trail, as we did! Currently no potable water...BYOW.

    Trinity River Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, Trinity Center
    Note: No water.

    Scott Mountain Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, Coffee Creek
    Note: Open only when there's no snow. Also, no water in this campground.

    Sarah Totten Campground, Klamath NF, Happy Camp
    Note: Please note the seasonal restrictions.

    Fort Goff Campground, Klamath NF, Selad
    Note: No water.

    Grider Creek Campground, Klamath NF, Selad
    Note: Water is for horses only, not for people.

    Dillon Creek Campground, Six Rivers NF

    Pearch Creek Campground, Six Rivers NF, Somes Bar

    Aikens Creek West Campground, Six Rivers NF
    Note: No services, no reservations, no water, no fee! Near the Klamath River.

    Fish Lake Campground, Six Rivers NF, north of Weitchpec

    Tish Tang Campground, Hoopa Tribal CG, Hoopa
    Note: Their old website doesn't work. This is the only one they have now.

    Boise Creek Campground, Six Rivers NF, Willow Creek

    Hayden Flat Campground, Shasta-Trinity NF, Big Bar

    And this brings you back to Weaverville and on to Redding!
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    Default Lewis & Clark National Trail, IL/MO to the Pacific Ocean

    The Lewis and Clark National Trail includes many highways that mostly follow the Missouri and Columbia Rivers. Lewis and Clark were the “water road trip” explorers in the early 1800s, exploring the territory that came with the Louisiana Purchase, as signed by Pres. Thomas Jefferson. These two men, their dog, a group of able-bodied helpers, and eventually a native American guide Sacajawea (and her young son, and husband/interpreter Toussant Charboneau), were trying to find a water route across the USA. Now, many people try to follow Lewis and Clark's routes in their own version of the keelboat and pirogue: the automobile and/or the RV.

    Though technically, Lewis and Clark began their journey in Washington DC., for the purpose of our camping guide, we will start at the confluence of the Mississippi River and Missouri River, and follow the trail westward (as they did). A good guidebook, or at least the NPS map “Lewis and Clark National Trail”, plus some good paper maps, are essential. There are many times when a campground might be on one side of the river, in one state, and the next campground listing may be on the other shore in another state. Such is the nature of a route that follows a river (such as the Great River Route, following the Mississippi River).

    Those who may want to start their journey further east, could follow the Ohio River Scenic Byway (later in this thread) and then connect to the LCNT via a portion of the Great River Road.

    Two good Guidebooks: Adventuring Along the Lewis and Clark Trail, by Elizabeth Grossman; and Traveling the Lewis & Clark Trail, by Julie Fanselow. These can be purchased through your favorite bookseller.


    Camp River Dubois, Lewis and Clark State Historic Site, Hartford
    Note: This is a small interpretive site, with a small re-created Camp River Dubois outside the Visitor Center. There is no campground on site. A short drive up the road will bring you to a small memorial and the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri River, where Lewis & Clark began their journey.

    My own account of the tour of Camp River Dubois

    Lewis and Clark State Memorial Park, Hartford
    Note: Nearest public camping to Camp River Dubois.

    Pere Marquette State Park, Grafton


    Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and Museum at the Gateway Arch, St Louis

    Note: This is a museum attached to the St Louis Arch. There is no camping nearby, but Lewis & Clark history buffs would find this museum (and the arch) a not-to-be-missed site!

    Bellefontaine Cemetery/William Clark Gravesite
    Note: Once again, not a campground (and none nearby), but a history buff's place to stop. Other famous people are buried here.

    Babler Memorial State Park, Wildwood

    Hermann City Park Campground, Hermann
    Note: Hermann is also known for its German beer breweries and wineries.

    Clark's Hill/Norton State Park, Jefferson City
    Note: One of the many campsites utilized by L & C is commemorated here. No camping, though!

    Binder Park Campground, Jefferson City

    Arrow Rock State Historic Park, Arrow Rock

    Van Meter State Park, Marshall

    Fleming Park, Jackson County Parks, Blue Springs

    Other Jackson County Parks with campgrounds
    Note: Blue Springs Lake, Jacomo, and Longview Campgrounds.

    National Frontier Trails Museum, Independence
    Note: This museum has a good section about the Corps of Discovery, but also one about the Westward Movement in the mid-1800s. I credit this museum for piquing my own interest in the Lewis & Clark travels. It is also not far from the Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum and their former home. One can visit both in the same day.

    Weston Bend State Park, Weston


    Warnock Lake Campground, City of Atchison


    Brownville State Recreation Area, Brownville (L & C campsite with current day campground)

    Riverview Marina State Recreation Area, Nebraska City

    Indian Cave State Park, Shubert

    Haworth City Park, Bellevue

    Fort Atkinson State Historical Park, Fort Calhoun
    Note: A site of interest to L&C history buffs. No campground on site.

    DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri Valley IA/NE
    Note: Great place to observe the wildlife that would have been seen 215+ years ago! No campground on site.


    Western Historic Trails Center, Lewis & Clark Memorial, Council Bluffs
    Note: This is another history museum with displays about Lewis & Clark. No camping on site.

    Lake Manawa State Park, Council Bluffs

    Lewis and Clark State Park, Onawa
    Note: As always when traveling along a river and planning to stay at a campground on the water, check ahead! This one has been known to flood.

    Sargent Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center, L & C Interpretive Center, Sioux City
    Note: No camping on site, but an interpretive center and a museum dedicated to the one who died on the quest westward. (Sgt Floyd probably died of peritonitis caused by a ruptured appendix.)

    Stone State Park, Sioux City


    Scenic Campground, City of South Sioux City

    Ponca State Park, Ponca

    Elk Point City Park and Campground, Elk Point

    Obert City Park Campground, Obert

    Niobrara State Park, Niobrara
    Note: Camping available, and is at the confluence of the MO and the Niobrara Rivers.


    Chief White Crane Recreation Area, Yankton

    Pierson Ranch Recreation Area, Yankton

    Lewis and Clark Recreation Area, Yankton

    Spirit Mound Historic Prairie, Vermillion
    Note: A historic site with no camping.

    Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Chamberlain
    Note: Was this an interstate rest area with L & C Interpretive information added? Or an interpretive site turned into a rest area for interstate travelers? My husband and I came across this one simply by the need for a rest area and the advice to “use the rest area near Chamberlain, there's a great view!” Well, there was that as well. No camping. Each Interpretive site has information about the L & C quest, but it focuses on the journey through that particular local area, as this one did.

    Fischers Lilly Park, Fort Pierre
    Note: The site where Lewis & Clark determined that they needed an interpreter. Also a campground!

    Oahe Dam Visitor Center
    Note: See the Oahe Lake from the Visitor Center. This is a huge lake that extends into North Dakota. There are many opportunities for camping along this lake.

    Griffin Park City Campground, City of Pierre

    Farm Island Recreation Area, Pierre

    Lake Hiddenwood Recreation Area, Selby
    Note: Heavy rains washed out park roads and this park is closed indefinitely. It may reopen in the future; call the park or inquire locally.

    See US-83 in South Dakota and North Dakota for Lake Oahe camping opportunities.


    Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park and On-a-Slant Indian Village, Mandan/Bismarck
    Note: Campground available, plus the re-created Native village, the way the Mandan tribe might have had it in L & C's time.

    General Sibley Park and Campground, City of Bismarck

    Cross Ranch State Park, south of Washburn
    Note: The closest camping to the Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan replica.

    Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan, Washburn
    Note: We spent most of a day here, seeing the exhibits (which were extensive), plus running over to the replica of Fort Mandan (about a mile away) for some interpretative talks there twice. No camping on site.

    My road trip report from a visit to this site

    Lake Sakakawea State Park

    Fort Stevenson State Park, Garrison

    Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site
    Note: L & C historic site. Camping in nearby Stanton.

    Sakakawea City Park Campground, Stanton

    Garrison Dam Downstream Campground, Corps of Engineers, Riverdale/Hazen

    Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, Williston
    Note: Sorry, no camping!

    Fort Buford State Historic Site, Williston
    Note: Site has a primitive campground.

    Lewis and Clark State Park, Epping

    Our Lewis & Clark journey will continue with MT and sites further west, in the next post....
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    Default Lewis and Clark continued, MT and points west


    On the return trip, Lewis and Clark's party separated. One group followed the Yellowstone River. The others stayed north. At this point, we will follow the northern course, which also happens to follow US-2.

    Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Fort Peck Lake

    Fort Peck Lake Project, Corps of Engineers, Fort Peck Lake

    James Kipp Recreation Area, BLM, Fort Peck Lake

    Coal Banks Landing Recreation Site, BLM, Big Sandy

    Judith Landing Recreation Area, BLM, Big Sandy

    Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument (BLM)
    Note: This monument is not easily accessible by 4-wheel vehicle. A boat or two good feet are necessary to explore most of it. There's a good museum/interpretive center in Fort Benton, near the replica of old Fort Benton.

    Fort Benton and other museums

    My own forum report about Fort Benton and the Upper Missouri River Breaks.

    Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center, Great Falls
    Note: The focus here is the “Great Portage”, to go around the falls. If you do this center, follow the road up past the state park (no camping there), find the trailhead parking lot, and walk to some of the viewpoints to what's left of the Great Falls. See my trip report.

    My Great Falls L & C Interp. Center Forum report.

    Museum of the Plains Indian, Browning

    Glacier National Park Campgrounds
    Note: The Two Medicine site has a bit of history involved, mostly with the tribes. There's a campground there. There are a number of other campgrounds in the park, though this is not specifically a Lewis and Clark historical spot. It's just plain gorgeous!

    Gates of the Mountains
    Note: This is the website of the marina that can take you on a boat tour through the area that Meriweather Lewis said, “this is the gates to the mountains!”

    The NPS Site for Gates of the Mountains

    My own report about the boat tour from a road trip report forum.

    Between the Gates of the Mountains and the Missouri Headwaters State Park, there are a number of campgrounds near Canyon Lake. See US-12 for details.

    Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, Three Forks

    Missouri Headwaters State Park, Three Forks
    Note: This is where the three rivers come together: The Jefferson, the Gallatin, and the Madison, which together form the Missouri River. There's camping here, too. Take a half day to explore the park.

    My forum report about MHSP

    Beaverhead Rock State Park, Twin Bridges
    Note: Alas, no camping, but a L & C site.

    Clark's Lookout State Park, Dillon
    Note: Alas, no camping, but an L & C site.

    Barretts Station Park Campground, Bureau of Reclamation, Dillon

    Reservoir Lake Campground, Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF, Dillon

    For more Dillon area campgrounds, please see I-15 listings for MT.

    Lemhi Pass, Lemhi Pass Road
    Note: This is on Lemhi Pass Road, a dirt road! A very important site for L & C history buffs to know, but more difficult to access. No camping up here.

    Lost Trail Pass, US-93, MT/ID
    Note: Another important site, but at least easier to access since US-93 is a major thoroughfare.

    Traveler's Rest State Park, Lolo
    Note: The only archaeologically proven rest site for the Lewis & Clark expedition. Alas, no camping.

    Lolo Creek Campground, Lolo NF, Lolo

    Lee Creek Campground, Lolo NF, Lolo

    Lolo Pass Visitor Center, Lolo NF, Lolo
    Note: Though there is (seasonal) camping nearby, this is a little interpretive center for L & C due to its proximity to US-12, the Lewis & Clark Highway.


    Please see US-12 for camping opportunities across Idaho. See also US-95.

    Wilderness Gateway Recreation Area, Lowell

    Canoe Camp, Nez Perce National Historical Park, Orofino
    Note: A Nez Perce/L & C site.

    Nez Perce National Historical Park Visitor Center, Lapwai
    Note: Located 10 miles east of Lewiston, ID and 3 miles north of Lapwai.


    Note: Once Lewis & Clark expedition found the Columbia River, their sites of interest will jump between each of those states, as happened earlier in the trip. It will be up to the traveler to find the bridges across the river (with the help of a good guidebook and map).

    Sacajawea State Park and Interpretive Center, Pasco, WA
    Note: Sorry, no camping here, but there are some sites nearby.

    Hood Park, Army COE, Pasco, WA

    Fishhook Park on Lake Sacajawea, Prescott, WA
    Note: Appears to be a public park, though not sure who sponsors it.

    Hat Rock State Park, Hermiston, OR
    Note: Hat Rock was the first landmark visible to L & C as they floated down the Columbia River.

    Hat Rock State Park, Hermiston, Camping Reservation Site

    Sand Station Recreation Area, COE, Hermiston, OR
    Note: Here's another camping area close to Hat Rock. There are plenty of privately-owned campgrounds as well.

    Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site, eastern Columbia Gorge, OR

    Please see I-84 for campgrounds along the Columbia River.

    Maryhill State Park, Goldendale, WA

    Deschutes River State Recreation Area, Wasco (east of The Dalles), OR

    Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, The Dalles, OR
    Note: A Museum, no camping.

    Horsethief Lake State Park, Lyle, WA

    Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, Stevenson, WA
    Note: A Museum, no camping.

    Memaloose State Park, The Dalles OR

    Viento State Park, Cascade Locks, OR

    Beacon Rock State Park, Stevenson, WA
    Note: A L & C site with camping.

    Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, Ridgefield, WA
    Note: A way to experience the wildlife that the Corps of Discovery might have seen. No camping.

    Paradise Point State Park, Ridgefield WA

    Skamokawa Vista Park, Skamokawa, WA
    Note: Another Campground run by Wahkiakum Port District.

    Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Astoria, OR
    Note: Here is where the replica of Fort Clatsop stands, as well as the Canoe Landing and the Salt Works, along with an interesting museum. There is no camping on the Oregon side.

    Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, Ilwaco, WA
    Note: No camping, just a museum.

    Cape Disappointment State Park, Ilwaco, WA
    Note: There's camping here, along with the next two listings. Bear in mind that FOG is often around here. Drive carefully.

    Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Ilwaco, WA
    Note: Another very interesting interpretive center, to be combined with a trip across a beautiful bridge to see Fort Clatsop (Lewis and Clark NHP, above). Visitors should be aware that you must pay for both the State Park entrance fee as well as for the Interpretive Center. You'll feed a machine in the parking lot, for your State Park entrance/parking fee, and then pay the Interpretive Center for admission.

    My road trip report for the Cape Disappointment and Fort Clatsop area

    Fort Canby State Park, Ilwaco, WA
    Note: This is now within Cape Disappointment, so you'll only have to pay for one state park entrance fee. The Fort could be walked through (2017). You can also take a hike to the lighthouse nearby.


    For camping, see I-94.

    Makokisha State Park, Glendive

    Pompey's Pillar National Monument
    Note: This is the only place along the route where evidence of Lewis & Clark's journey is able to be seen by the public before any archaeological digs. William Clark etched his name into the rock. The pillar is named for Sacajawea's young son, whom Meriweather Lewis affectionately called “Pompey”.

    May Creek Campground, Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF, Wisdom


    Lewis and Clark Trail State Park, Dayton
    Note: Yes, camping is available here. This is a known campsite for the Corps of Discovery on their return trip.

    Dismal Nitch, near present day Ilwaco, WA
    Note: No camping, a known L & C site.

    Fort Columbia State Park, Chinook, WA
    Note: A day use park only. However, the County runs a campground right along the edge of this state park. It's Chinook County Park, and there is no website. Inquire locally.

    Fort Stevens State Park, Hammond, OR
    Note: Yes, this one has camping.

    You have reached the Pacific Ocean.
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    Default Great Circle Tour, Great Lakes: Ontario, Erie and Huron USA

    Something on my own bucket list is a trip around all 5 Great Lakes, on both the USA side as well as the Canadian (Ontario) side. A trip of this size just calls for some sort of trailer or RV, due to the amount of travel. So this list of Public Campgrounds is going to be LONG, and broken into four separate posts. In this case, we are going to take an imaginary trip around the Great Circle Route, our first post starting with at Alexandria Bay in upper New York state, travel along the south side of Lake Ontario, then Erie, around Lake Huron. About half of this route is also called the Great Lakes Seaway Trail.

    The second post will take us all the way around Lake Michigan. The third post will take us all the way around Lake Superior in both the US and Canada. The fourth post will complete the trip by taking us north over Lakes Huron, Erie, and Ontario on the Canada side.

    Of course, one can use this information to plan smaller trips, perhaps around one lake at a time, or just a section. Doing it all the way this plan is laid out, would mean about 6500 miles of driving and probably 2-3 months to really enjoy it. But for those with limited vacation time, one lake at a time would be easily done.

    Because of the sheer amounts of state parks, state recreation areas and provincial parks along this route, our camping spots will focus on those. About all of the campgrounds featured in this scenic drive are right next to the highway, or darned close to it, and most of them are close to the water. There may be other local campgrounds available; inquire locally.

    Note: NY State Parks charge an extra $5 fee per night, for out-of-state residents.

    At this point, we are along the St Lawrence Seaway/River along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail.

    Kring Point State Park, Redwood

    Wellesley Island State Park, Fineview

    DeWolf Point State Park, Fineview

    Grass Point State Park, Alexandria Bay

    Cedar Point State Park, Clayton

    Burnham Point State Park, Cape Vincent

    Now we're south of Lake Ontario!

    Long Point State Park, Three Mile Bay

    Westcott Beach State Park, Henderson

    Southwick Beach State Park, Henderson

    Selkirk Shores State Park, Pulaski

    Fair Haven Beach State Park, Sterling

    Hamlin Beach State Park, Hamlin

    Lakeside Beach State Park, Waterport

    Golden Hill State Park, Barker

    Four Mile Creek State Park, Youngstown

    We are now on the south side of Lake Erie!

    Evangola State Park, Irving

    Lake Erie State Park, Brocton


    Geneva State Park, Geneva

    East Harbor State Park, Lakeside-Marblehead

    Maumee State Park, Oregon


    Note that you must purchase a MI Recreation Passport in order to enjoy the MI state parks. Information can be had by clicking here.

    Sterling State Park, Monroe

    Algonac State Park on Lake St Clair, Marine City
    Note: This campground is not located on any of the 5 lakes, but instead, on Lake St Clair.

    We are now beginning to head around Lake Huron, on the MI side.

    Lakeport State Park, Lakeport

    Port Crescent State Park, Port Austin

    Albert E Sleeper State Park, Caseville

    Bay City State Park, Bay City

    Tawas Point State Park, East Tawas

    Harrisville State Park, Harrisville

    Hoeft State Park, Rogers City

    Cheboygan State Park, Cheboygan

    Straits State Park, St Ignace
    Note: To reach this park, you must cross the Mackinaw Bridge to the Upper Peninsula of MI. If you are continuing the trip on the eastern side of Lake Michigan, you'll have to cross the bridge in the opposite direction after your stay.

    To be continued in my next post.
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    Default Great Circle Tour: Around Lake Michigan

    Still in Michigan, as we leave St Ignace, we are traveling on the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan. We are heading south, around the southern tip in Greater Chicagoland, then we will travel north in IL and WI. By traveling in this direction, the lake is always on our passenger side of the road.

    Note also that you must purchase a very inexpensive Michigan Recreation Passport, in order to enjoy MI state parks, and that camping fees are over and above the cost of this passport.


    Petoskey State Park, Petoskey

    Traverse City State Park, Traverse City

    Leelanau State Park, Northport
    Note: This park shows up on Rand McNally maps as a no-camping-available park. However, it does! Thank you to GLC for noting the absence of this park and bringing it to my attention.

    Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Campgrounds
    Note: Two campgrounds easily reached, D.H. Day and Platte River.

    Orchard Beach State Park, Manistee

    Ludington State Park, Ludington

    Mears State Park, Pentwater

    Silver Lake State Park, Mears

    Muskegon State Park, North Muskegon

    Hoffmaster State Park, Muskegon

    Grand Haven State Park, Grand Haven

    Holland State Park, Holland

    Van Buren State Park, S Haven

    Warren Dunes State Park, Sawyer


    Indiana Dunes State Park, Chesterton
    Note: Other than some forest preserves that are way off the Grand Circle, this is your last opportunity for public camping near the lake until you traverse through greater Chicagoland. The next opportunity is almost to the IL/WI state line!


    Illinois Beach State Park, Zion


    Kohler-Andrae State Park, Sheboygan

    Point Beach State Park, Two Rivers

    Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek (Door County)


    John Walter Wells State Park, Cedar River

    Indian Lake State Park, East Unit, Manistique

    Brevort Lake Campground, Hiawatha NF, St Ignace

    Straits State Park, St Ignace

    To be continued in my next post, the trip around Lake Superior.
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    Default Great Circle Tour: Around Lake Superior

    We are now going to travel on the south side of Lake Superior, by going through Michigan and Wisconsin to Duluth, MN. Keep in mind the requirement to have a Michigan Recreation Passport and that camping is over and above that cost.


    Brimley State Park, Brimley

    Monocle Lake Campground, Hiawatha NF, Brimley

    Bay View Campground, Hiawatha NF, Brimley

    Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Paradise

    Muskallonge Lake State Park, Newberry

    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Campgrounds
    Note: There are three drive-in campgrounds and all of them require reservations! See the website for information. Campgrounds are Twelve Mile Beach, Hurricane River, and Little Beaver Lake.

    AuTrain Lake Campground, Hiawatha NF, AuTrain

    Van Riper State Park, Champion

    Baraga State Park, Baraga

    F J McLain State Park, Hancock

    Twin Lakes State Park, Toivola

    Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Ontonagan


    For Ironwood MI to Ashland, WI, see US-2. Most of this is not along the lake's shore. At Ashland, you turn north up toward Bayfield, and you'll get lake views.

    Birch Grove Recreation Area, Chequamegon-Nicolet NF, Washburn

    Memorial Campground, City of Washburn, Washburn

    Thompson's West End Campground, City of Washburn, Washburn
    Note: Though I wrote it as “Thompson County Park” back in my 2014 trip report, it is really a city park. We thought it would be a beautiful place to camp or have a picnic.

    Read the description of Washburn and Bayfield here.

    Dalrymple Campground, City of Bayfield, Bayfield

    Big Bay State Park, La Pointe
    Note: You need to take a ferry out to Madeline Island (Apostle Islands) from Bayfield.

    Little Sand Bay Recreation Area and Campground, Town of Russell

    Copper Range Campground, Brule River State Forest
    Note: This campground is not located near Lake Superior.


    When US-2 gets to Duluth, you will turn northeast on MN-61, which puts you on the northern edge of Lake Superior. See MN-61 listing with US-61. MN-61 is also called the North Shore All-American Scenic Byway.

    Note: All MN state parks now require reservations ahead of time. Don't just show up, and don't rely on the Internet to get your reservation on the same day as you plan to arrive! State forest campgrounds are still first-come, first-served. National Forest campgrounds are hit-and-miss: some are reservable, others are not.

    Burlington Bay Campground, City of Two Harbors

    Gooseberry Falls State Park, Two Harbors

    Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Two Harbors

    Tettegouche State Park, Silver Bay

    George Crosby Manitou State Park, Silver Bay

    Finland State Forest Campground, Finland

    Eckbeck Campground, Finland

    Temperance River State Park, Silver Bay

    Cascade River State Park, Lutsen

    Judge Clarence R Magney State Park, Grand Marais

    Isle Royale National Park Campgrounds
    Note: The park may have 36 campgrounds across the island, but it's a vehicle-free island. You need to walk or boat-in. You can take a ferry and do some backpacking, but your car stays on the mainland!

    At this point, you will be crossing into Canada. Better have your passport and any needed paperwork with you!


    City of Thunder Bay Campgrounds
    Note: Two campgrounds, but not on the Lake. One is Trowbridge Falls, the other is Chippewa Park.

    Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Thunder Bay

    Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, Rossport

    Neys Provincial Park, Terrace Bay

    Pukaskwa National Park, Heron Bay

    Lake Superior Provincial Park, Wawa

    Pancake Bay Provincial Park, Batchawana

    To be continued in my next post, to finish this Great Circle Tour.
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    Default Great Circle Tour: North Along Lakes Huron, Erie and Ontario

    Once you have reached Sault Ste Marie, you will be going along the north edge of Lake Huron.


    Killarney Provincial Park, Georgian Bay, Killarney

    Grundy Lake Provincial Park

    Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park, Point au Baril

    The Massasauga Provincial Park, Parry Sound
    Note: This is a park that only offers hike-in and boat-in camping.

    Six Mile Lake Provincial Park, Port Severn

    Craigleith Provincial Park, The Blue Mountains

    Bruce Peninsula National Park, Tobermory

    Sauble Falls Provincial Park, Wiarton

    MacGregor Point Provincial Park, Port Elgin

    Inverhuron Provincial Park, Tiverton

    The Pinery Provincial Park, Grand Bend

    When you reach Sarnia, you will need to travel over to the north side of Lake Erie. You are still in Ontario, which is a huge province!

    Point Pelee National Park, Leamington
    Note: Only the OTENTIKS (cabin-like tents) are available – no regular RV or tent sites at this campground.

    Port Burwell Provincial Park, Port Burwell

    Rondeau Provincial Park, Morpeth

    Long Point Provincial Park, Port Rowan

    Turkey Point Provincial Park, Turkey Point

    Selkirk Provincial Park, Selkirk

    Rock Point Provincial Park, Dunnville

    Sadly, there are no public campgrounds near Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, but there are plenty of privately owned parks which take reservations. After a good view of Niagara Falls, it's time to move on to the north side of Lake Ontario, which will take you over to Toronto and beyond.

    Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville

    Glen Rouge Campground, Rouge National Urban Park, Toronto
    Note: Recently changed management. Call or inquire locally.

    Darlington Provincial Park, Bowmanville

    Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Brighton

    Sandbanks Provincial Park, Picton

    Note: To cross back over into the US from Ontario at this point, you'll have a choice. You can use the Thousand Islands Bridge, which is actually a series of bridges which will take you into Alexandria Bay and the northern terminus of I-81. Or, you can go a little further northeast, and cross at the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge. The Thousand Islands Bridge is heavily used, especially by truckers. See EZ Border Crossing website for more details.
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    Default Historical Selma to Montgomery Highway, Alabama

    Though only 50 miles long, and could be seen in about 2 hours, the Selma to Montgomery March By Way, an All-American Byway, is historical. Back in 1965, it was the setting for one of the most famous Civil Rights Marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The historic byway follows US-80 between the two cities. There are a few campgrounds to choose from.

    Six Mile Creek Campground, Corps of Engineers, Selma

    Paul M. Grist State Park, Selma

    Prairie Creek Park Campgrounds, Corps of Engineers, Lowndesboro

    Lowndes Wildlife Management Area Primitive Campground, Lowndesboro
    Note: This is a PDF file. Be careful WHEN you camp there, as hunting season can be dangerous to your life!

    Gunter Hill Park, Corps of Engineers, Montgomery
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    Default Idaho/Washington: Selkirk Loop

    The Selkirk All-American Byway, which runs from the Canada/USA border at Porthill (BC/ID) around to the Canadian border in WA state, is beautiful and worth spending a couple of days on if you're in the area. You should note that if you want to cross the border into Canada, you will need a passport and/or the proper paperwork. From Porthill, use ID-1 south, which will join with US-2/95, continue on US-2, then head north in Washington state on WA-20 then WA-31.


    Meadow Creek Campground, Idaho Panhandle NF, north of Bonners Ferry

    Smith Lake Campground, Idaho Panhandle NF, north of Bonners Ferry

    Springey Point Recreation Area, Sagle/Sandpoint

    Riley Creek Recreation Area, Albeni Falls

    Priest River Recreation Area, Albeni Falls


    Pioneer Park Campground, Colville NF, Newport

    Skookum Creek Campground, Little Pend Oreille Forest, Newport

    South Skookum Lake Campground, Colville NF, Newport

    Browns Lake Campground, Colville NF, Newport

    Panhandle Campground, Colville NF, Usk

    Lake Leo Campground, Colville NF, Colville

    Gillette Campground, Colville NF, Colville

    Edgewater Campground, Colville NF, Ione

    Millpond Campground, Colville NF, Ione

    Crescent Lake Campground, Colville NF, Metalline Falls

    West Sullivan Lake Campground, Colville NF, Metalline Falls
    Note: Located 12 miles from the highway on a forest service road.

    Boundary Dam Forebay Campground, Utility Owned Site, Metalline Falls
    Note: This is about the closest you can get to British Columbia without being in it. Check locally about this campground. Appears to be accessible by boat only.
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