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    Default Ohio: Amish Country Scenic Byway

    Poking around the Amish Country of Ohio, you might come across the Amish Country Scenic Byway and some of its off-shoots. Leaving from Loudonville, for instance, you'll head towards Millersburg on OH-39/60. From Millersburg, you can go to Wilmot on US-62, or down to Danville in the other direction on US-62. Also on the route would be the scenic drive from Berlin to Dover on OH-39.

    A few words of caution about the Amish culture. Amish folks do not wish to have their photographs taken. So if you are wishing for some scenic photos, make sure that any Amish faces are turned away or that the people are not going to be in your photo. Also, when you are driving, slow down! They usually drive a horse and buggy, or an open cart, and horses can be easily spooked by a motor. Whatever you do, do NOT honk.

    Be sure to stop in some of the towns along the way – Millersburg, Berlin and Sugarcreek are well-known places for good old-fashioned Amish cooking, and often the shoppes are run by Amish. Baked goods, candy, and quilts are among some of the purchases that friends of ours have made. Also keep your eye out, in summer and fall, for the old-fashioned produce stand.

    Here is a general website about the area.

    Mohican State Park, Loudonville

    Other than Mohican SP, most of the campgrounds in this area are privately owned. However, for a camping experience that might be similar to the Amish lifestyle, one could camp at
    Turkey Hollow Campground.
    Note: This campground only accepts tents. There is one running water spigot on the property, but there are no other hookups. It should be noted that the rates are in line with public camping, but only cash or PayPal is accepted.

    A few miles down the road in Warsaw, there's a little known campground next to a little waterfall. Check out:
    Magical Waterfall Campground, Warsaw
    Note: There is no other website for this campground.

    There are any number of private RV parks in the area.

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    Default OH, WV, IN, IL: Ohio River Scenic Byway

    The Ohio River Scenic Byway is a 950 mile long drive that begins in East Liverpool, OH (on OH-7) and ends in Cairo, IL. Along the way are a number of public campgrounds and any number of private RV parks and campgrounds. Unless otherwise noted, all campsites are within 20 miles one way of the byway. Inquire locally for others that may exist. Realize, too, that when traveling along a river, sometimes the campsite is on the other side of the river, so have a good map with you in order to find the bridge.

    If a traveler is hoping to use this to extend the Lewis and Clark National Trail from points further east, this byway can be connected with the LCNT via the Great River Road.


    Beaver Creek State Park, East Liverpool

    Paden City Park Campground, Paden City (WV)

    Leith Run Recreation Area Campground, Wayne NF, New Matamoros (OH)

    Forked Run State Park, Reedsville

    Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area, Wayne NF, Ironton
    Note: Three Campgrounds: Iron Ridge, Oak Hill and Pine Knob.

    Shawnee State Park, West Portsmouth

    Brush Creek Campground, Manchester
    Twin Islands Campground, Manchester
    Note: Check locally about these two campgrounds. Neither one has a website of its own, yet they are mentioned on other sites that are less trustworthy.

    East Fork State Park, Bethel
    Note: 17 miles from the byway.

    Steamboat Bend County Park, Cincinnati


    Madison City Campground, Madison

    Clifty Falls State Park, Madison

    Charlestown State Park, Charlestown

    O'Bannon Woods State Park, Corydon
    Note: The campground was closed for the 2019 season. Please call the state park for current status.

    Harrison County Parks, Corydon
    Note: Inquire locally. It's a large county.

    German Ridge Campground, Hoosier NF, Tell City

    Harmonie State Park, New Harmony
    Note: 12.5 miles up the road from Mount Vernon.


    Pine Ridge Campground, Pounds Hollow Recreation Area, Shawnee NF, Karbers Ridge

    Cave-in-Rock State Park, Cave-in-Rock

    Tower Rock Campground, Shawnee NF, Elizabethtown

    Dixon Springs State Park, Golconda

    Lake Glendale Recreation Area, Shawnee NF, Vienna/Eddyville

    Fern Clyffe State Park, Goreville

    Now, if you are connecting this scenic byway with the Lewis & Clark National Trail, please see the Great River Road in southern IL.

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    Default UT: Bicentennial Highway (UT-95)

    The Bicentennial Highway, which is UT-95 between Hanksville and Blanding, is a beautiful way to connect a trip from Zion, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Park, with Canyonlands and Arches NP. In so doing, you can drive through the northeastern end of the Lake Powell region at Hite, and do a short stop at Natural Bridges National Monument. The drive is easily done in a few hours but if connecting those dots, you may want to stop and camp somewhere. Here are some ideas.

    Trip report from July, 2019, about the Bicentennial Highway

    Goblin Valley State Park, north of Hanksville

    An RTA forum regular's comment on camping outside of Goblin Valley:
    There is a large dispersed BLM camping area on Temple Mountain Road just past Goblin Valley Road. You can see it clearly on a map with satellite view. Quite a few RVs were there. I don’t recall there being anything other than a dirt parking lot but it will do if you’re self contained.

    Starr Springs Campground, BLM, Mount Hillers

    Hite Dispersed Camping, Lake Powell, near Hite Marina

    Natural Bridges National Monument Campground
    Note: No running water at the site. BYOW!

    Devil's Canyon Campground, Manti-La Sal National Forest
    Note: Located between Blanding and Monticello, north on US-191.

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    Default MA/VT/NH: Connecticut River Scenic Byway

    The Connecticut River Byway, which runs 490 miles from South Hadley, MA to the NH/Quebec border, follows the river. In the fall, it passes through some lovely places to go “Leaf Peeping”. There are some lovely places to camp; however, do be aware of their closing dates and the facilities offered. This list is not all-inclusive; inquire locally for those elusive places known only to the locals!


    DAR State Forest Campground, Goshen


    Fort Dummer State Park, Brattleboro (VT)

    Surry Mountain Lake Campground, Army Corps Of Engineers, Surry (NH)

    Wilgus State Park, Ascutney (VT)

    Mount Ascutney State Park, Windsor (VT)

    Quechee State Park, Hartford (VT)


    Storrs Pond Recreation Area, Hanover

    Coleman State Park, Stewartstown

    Lake Francis State Park, Pittsburg

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